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  1. Hi there! I've just recently finished my first whole30 two days ago, and I must did not go as I thought it would. I followed the program to a T, was extremely vigilant of reading ingredients lists, and stuck to all the rules. However, around day 10 I started experiencing bloating. I referenced back to the book and to my relief saw that was normal. But unfortunately, the bloating never seemed to completely go away. I feel extremely frustrated that for over half of my whole30, I experienced bloating almost every single day. What could've caused this? Did I do something wrong? Has anyone else experienced this?
  2. bartajordan

    MCT Powder

    I use this MCT Oil Powder from the brand Quest Nutrition as a milk/cream substitute in my coffee. Not sure if this is Whole30 compliant. I've attached the ingredients list. Can someone assist me with this?
  3. bartajordan

    Starting May 1!

    My name is Jordan and I'm starting Whole30 on May 1st! I am beyond thrilled for this food journey. I decided to start whole30 (with the push of my awesome mother ) after struggling with digestive issues for the last year. Little did I know that there are SO many MORE benefits to Whole30, and I can't wait to experience them and feel great!