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  1. Ilana46720

    Compliant bacon

    Hi everyone! I am hoping someone out there can help me. Where can I find complaint bacon in the New York area? Specifically Long Island if possible. I know about naked bacon. I went to order some and shipping was $20! I just wanted to see if I can get any form of compliant bacon locally Thanks!
  2. Ilana46720

    Meat with every meal?

    Thank you! All great ideas
  3. Ilana46720

    Meat with every meal?

    Thank you so much! Yes, I am spending a fortune! Lol! But I am truly feeling great so I’m ok with it. Secondly yes, I have eggs every morning and I’m getting so sick of them! I gotta start researching recipes that are meatless, and some eggless breakfasts too. Just to switch it up. I an am allergic to shellfish. I know that is not all types of fish but I just never ever ate it growing up and it’s never ever been part of my diet. Maybe I will do exactly what you did and expand my horizons. Thanks again!
  4. Ilana46720

    Meat with every meal?

    Hi everyone! I am on day 7 today! I have been struggling a little with my meat intake. I try not to eat a meat (red meat or poultry) with every meal. How much meat should you consume in a day. Does it matter? I am limited because I do not eat fish. I just find myself consuming more meat then before I started. Granted, what I was consuming before I started was probably worse. So for example: today for breakfast I had turkey bacon with my meal, lunch, a salad with grilled chicken, and dinner I am having left over taco meat. Before this, I rarely ate that much meat daily, and certainly not consecutive days in an row! Any advice would help. Thanks!
  5. Ilana46720

    Too much meat!

    Thank you!! My meals are definitely keeping me full for 4-5 hours for sure. I am definitely never hungry which is a good thing! I guess I’m just not used to that feeling. Idk why I just feel bigger. But You’re right, it’s probably in my head. But I am definitely eating a lot more potatoes then normal lol
  6. Ilana46720

    Too much meat!

    Thank you so much. I don’t eat fish because I am allergic to shell fish. Yes, I know that is not the only type of fish but I just never grew up eating it, and it has never been a part of my diet. I know it’s only going to be my 3rd day, but I feel like I’m gaining weight! is that possible??
  7. Ilana46720

    Too much meat!

    Hi everyone! Today is my second day on whole 30. I think I’m doing well so far!! My only thing is that I feel like I’m eating way to much meat (chicken and beef). I don’t eat fish so I know I’m limited. All of my meals today had a meat in it and now I just feel disgusted. Any meatless (no fish) recipes out there? Also I feel like I am eating so much oil (olive oil of course) I never consumed this much. Everything I make is with it. I know I can use ghee or coconut oil, but anything without oil at all? Or is this just what whole 30 is? Help! I’m afraid I’m being more unhealthy then I was before I started
  8. Ilana46720


    Hi everyone! I am starting whole 30 tomorrow 4/22! I’m so nervous. I am a horrible eater. But I’m truly looking forward to the challenge and feeling great! Just to clarify, - Can I use PAM extra virgin Olivia oil? - is Raos homemade sauce whole 30 compliant? All of the ingredients are compliant, however they say “Olive oil” and not extra Virgin Olive oil. Does it matter? thanks!