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    As much as I love coffee, it no longer agrees with me  I have severe gut issues and coffee affects my gut and produces brain fog/bloating. I have leaky gut and bottom line is that drinking coffee is very unpredictable, sometimes it's fine but many times lately it just makes me sick.
    The problem is, that tea just doesn't do it for me! I've tried every tea, and the only tea that I somewhat like is green tea. But it doesn't give me the energy kick like coffee does, and it just doesn't compare to that good coffee feeling you get in the morning! I'm going to try and add MCT Oil to my green tea to see if that helps give me the energy kick I usually get with coffee.
    I'm also thinking about drinking bone broth in the morning as I know it will probably do wonders for my gut. But it's not as good as coffee....
    Has anybody quit coffee and what did you use a substitute? Back when I tolerated coffee, it was a great part of my morning routine and felt so good. Yet I don't seem to have that experience with any other beverage...
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    Have you tried the cacao based beverages like choffy or crio bru? I don't have them real often, but they're a nice change. Don't expect it to taste like hot chocolate, it's not sweetened, it's just brewed cocoa beans, but it's not bad. 
    There was a discussion here on the forum recently about the mushroom based drinks, I don't remember if anyone ever went back and posted an actual review of them or if it was just people asking if anyone had tried them.
    You might also consider quitting all caffeine at some point and seeing how that affects things. It can be pretty miserable at first, but after a couple of weeks you may be surprised to find that you don't need the morning jolt of coffee anymore.
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    I'd second the Crio Bru type drinks. I bought myself a sampler pack for Mother's Day, and I've been really enjoying them. I usually add some into my morning coffee so I get a chocolate-y undertone to the coffee itself, but I've also tried a couple of them brewed alone... mixed with just a bit of almond milk, it's quite a nice departure from my usual morning drinks. I sometimes add a dash of cinnamon with mine, also.