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  1. My period just arrived two weeks early even though I'm taking hormonal birth control. My period has been very regular for five years...I'm talking arriving exactly the same day and time like clockwork. Naturally this change is freaking me out. I'm on day 23 of the program and wondering if this is a common side effect? Could my diet really have such a huge effect on my menstrual cycle even while taking birth control? Any info or common experiences would help
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    Started yesterday, April 8th! First time!

    Welcome Shane!
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    UHOH Bowel Trouble

    It's possible I have been eating too much nut products and/or coconut products. My usual day consists of: Breakfast-2 eggs w/veggies and potato Lunch-Salad w/protein (usually chicken) and homemade dressing Dinner-Protein and veggie-Usually a piece of chicken or fish in a homemade sauce Snacks-Nuts, Fruit, Dried fruit, Veggies... My gut has always been troublesome for me but this issue has been more relentless than the usual stomach pain and bloating.
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    UHOH Bowel Trouble

    Hello ladies-a little bit of an awkward question here. I am on day 16/30 and have yet to have a solid poop. Diarrhea has been the normal-usually coming every other day. Is this a problem for other people? And if so, how do you cope with it? Thanks in advance!
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    Started April 8th-On Day 16!

    Hello friends! My name is Gail, and although I started the program 16 days ago I am just now joining the forum. I am going strong so far and am feeling excited to see my results after the full 30 days and reintroduction period are complete. My boyfriend and I have been cooking and planning with each other and it has been an interesting challenge for the both of us. Ready for this healthy lifestyle change, Woohoo Whole30!