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  1. @Laurie's All In and @cinco_mouser -- you two have both shown me really consistent kindness when I've been going through a very difficult time. You cannot know how much I appreciate it. And Laurie, I just want to tell you that I am so sorry for your loss. All my love and good thoughts to you. <3 DAY TWELVE Breakfast: Salsa chicken on cauliflower rice, plus roasted cabbage, last handful of nuts Lunch: Salsa chicken on cauliflower rice, plus roasted cabbage Dinner: Chicken soup with an egg Snacks: Lara bar, Epic bar, half an apple, some deli turkey Exercise: 3 miles run and some light weight training Thoughts/Reflections: I went to see a movie today at a theater that lets you order food and drinks, and I’ve been so burnt out I gave myself permission to have two drinks (max), but I ended up not having any of them, because I didn't want any. So I ended up ending Day Twelve compliant!
  2. DAY ELEVEN Breakfast: Sauteed broccoli slaw and mushrooms, with two scrambled eggs and a sausage, and a pear and a couple nuts Lunch: Sauteed broccoli slaw and mushrooms, with two scrambled eggs and a sausage, and a handful of nuts and some dried fruit Dinner: Salsa chicken on lettuce with half an avocado Snacks: A L L. What didn’t I have? Prosciutto, tons of nuts, dried fruit. Exercise: None... Thoughts/Reflections: Well I started out really strong with my no-snacking thing when I got home from work, but then I just went berserk in the evening. I understand why people said these would be the hardest days. I threw out the remainder of the nuts/dried fruits this morning (Day Twelve). I read on a facebook forum today that the reason why you should only have nuts sparingly was because they have enough carbs that they can activate your sugar dragon and get you into a “no brakes” situation. Well, I guess I’m nominally comforted in that I am not alone in having this problem. So glad E is coming home today (Day Twelve). I made a huge batch of salsa chicken thighs in my crock pot, so that is going to have my meals prepped for a little while. Extremely disappointed to learn that we are going out to a restaurant for my dad’s birthday on Tuesday next week, where there is no way I will be able to have a 100% compliant meal. I will call the restaurant the day beforehand and see if there are a few adjustments I can make, but it’s a prix-fixe menu. I am kind of devastated... but last year my dad had a massive heart attack (the kind you don’t survive, but he did) and we didn’t get to celebrate his birthday, really. So there’s no f--ing way I’m going to not go to this, or that I wouldn’t eat. I just wish my mom (who made the reservations) was a better ally as I eat healthier (she said “just skip a day” :| ). I know that means that I technically am supposed to start over, but I’m just going to keep going. I am doing this as part of pre-wedding stuff, and the end of Whole30 will pretty much run right into it, so that’s going to be its length. But boy I wanted to give up yesterday. LIKE A LOT. But I knew it wouldn't make me any happier.

    30 Day Time Machine

    YO nice job with managing lunch, it was a tough situation and it's awesome that you were able to persevere! Even though an iced tea is not a super fun option while friends are having lunch, it is so great you were still able to get out and be social. I feel you (and @cinco_mouser) on the stress about eating out. I am extremely blessed to live in a place that is absolutely bursting with "healthy" and "alternative diet" options, and it's been hard for even me to find places that have options that are very obviously compliant. I have two salad places, a Chipotle (which has a whole Whole30 bowl, that I have already had once and it was mostly guacamole which is... not quite as fun without at least beans in it), and... that's kind of it, for the places I know I would be "safe" to have options. (But I am trying to take this as an opportunity to save some money, so am trying to console myself re: not being able to go out to eat very often that way... :/ ) You are doing amazing!!! Keep it up!

    cinco_mouser's log Apr29 - May31

    I hope tomorrow is a better day for you too! I've had a rough last couple of days too but I am hopeful that it's turning around starting tomorrow!
  5. DAY TEN Breakfast: Aidells chicken apple sausage, a hard boiled egg, half a bag of baby carrots, an apple, half an avocado Lunch: Leftover coconut curry meatballs over cauliflower rice, half an avocado Dinner: Salad with dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, and a chicken thigh Snacks: Kombucha, some mixed nuts, an apple, a pickle, more nuts, a couple pieces of dried fruit Exercise: None but some good walking today -- to and from work, and for about an hour and 15 during my lunch break (the ball of my foot hurts again, WTF!). I am over my step goal of 12K, so that's a win especially if I didn't go to the gym, haha Thoughts/Reflections: After a nightmarish evening last night where I felt super out of control, today I was feeling newly committed and fierce about claiming food freedom through Whole30. I threw out a couple of unhelpful snack foods I’d bought at Whole Foods and am going to recommit to “best practice” principles. I want to recommit to no snacking, but I just bought some dried fruit and nuts (I got excited at the bulk section of my grocery store), so I am going to portion them out and not just "get into them" whenever I'm feeling like it. So they are in my top cupboard now, and I bagged up some of the dried fruit and two servings of nuts to take to work tomorrow as part of my breakfast/lunch so I can enjoy them as they should be enjoyed -- as part of a meal. To help combat my out-of-control eating, I engaged in some Big Aries Energy and signed up for a Beginner Guitar group class within an hour of learning of its existence and went to the first class six hours later this same evening. The class was relaxing and fun -- easy first class but most importantly it got me out of the house for this evening. Did I come home and have more snacks in addition to dinner? Yeah, but it could have been worse, I guess. I also got a lot of protein-heavy snacks at the grocery store, so that's good! Onward and upward. To end on a good note: I spent lunch with some former coworkers walking around campus, and they told me how good my skin looked! I would have thought they were just being nice but I actually had the SAME thought this morning looking into the mirror -- my skin looks really clear and good right now! To touch briefly on changes I've noticed (ahem, TMI ahead) -- my skin is very clear right now, my energy feels consistent throughout the day, I've been more "regular," I haven't been feeling bloated (even after my snack attacks these last couple days), I've been feeling satiated for longer, I've been sleeping well, I've been feeling confident, my mood has been generally good/optimistic (I've been lonesome being home, sometimes to a really intense extent, but I've also been comfortable reaching out to my friends, which I am not always up to doing) Feeling irritated because I'm not sure I'm going to have time to work out tomorrow because I have to go to my therapy appt (I hope it's better than last week) at lunch and then I have a doctor's appt after work... note to self, you can always jump on the stationary bike when you get home!
  6. DAY NINE Breakfast: Remainder of pineapple, some almond butter (and then I PUT IT IN THE CUPBOARD AWAY), half a pack of baby carrots, three servings of olives, three hardboiled eggs Lunch: Whole30 bowl from Chipotle with extra guac (seriously, SO much guac, they goofed my order so they gave me pretty much a pint’s worth of guac… I ate all of it) Dinner: Coconut curry meatballs over cauliflower rice and a sunny-side up egg Snacks: A mango, two plastic tubs of raspberries, kombucha, almond butter, an Rx bar... Exercise: None… my foot was super painful yesterday so I decided to take a rest day, but now it doesn’t hurt at all?! OK self Thoughts/Reflections: I’m posting this log to stop myself eating. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. NONE OF THIS FOOD TASTES THAT GOOD. At least the almond butter is in the trash now. And I’m trying to stay accountable to all of you, and list everything I’ve had. At least I think that was everything? Ugh. The dinner recipe was great, definitely check it out if you’re looking for something curry-ish. But definitely taste it as you do, mine was lacking salt and that extra punch, so I had to add some hot sauce a little later. Well, I guess I’m still Whole30 compliant, but it was a tough one today. I very nearly fell off the wagon this one. Feeling extremely discouraged and extremely pathetic, to be whining about something like this that shouldn't be a problem. I guess the one victory is that I never seriously considered drinking? Maybe I should complete take fruit out of my diet for a while?
  7. Having meats available that don't require any kind of cooking seems like a great plan. I'll be sure to pick some up today. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for all the love, @cinco_mouser and @Laurie's All In . You guys have me inspired to keep the faith. DAY EIGHT (yesterday) Breakfast: Two hardboiled eggs with maduros (fried sweet plantains) and almond butter, leftover roasted butternut squash, some broccoli slaw with balsamic vinegar and a carrot Lunch: An Aidell’s chicken apple sausage with leftover roasted butternut squash, maduros, almond butter, and a carrot Dinner: Eggroll in a bowl with my friends Snacks: A mango, an apple with almond butter, half a large plastic container of pineapple.. More almond butter… Exercise: About 3 miles run + some light weight lifting Thoughts/Reflections: I cooked a half-black sweet plantain this morning a little coconut oil and OMG, you guys -- it was SO GOOD. Homemade maduros are super easy to make and are so delicious. I am definitely going to keep making these (although having a whole plantain’s worth of maduros is probably not great to eat at once, which is why I split this one over two meals). I didn’t post this log last night when I should have because I had friends over for dinner (made them the eggroll in a bowl recipe!). It was fun, but I definitely encountered some problems yesterday. As soon I got home from work (before they came over) I was snacking on mango and pineapple and almond butter, and when they left I had an apple and more almond butter. It is 10000% the stupid habit I get into when my finance isn’t here, where I feel a little lonesome and bored. It is extremely a bummer that I am running into a wall with almond butter and that’s a “trigger” food even if it’s really not very good out of the jar because it doesn't have any crushed sugar. Ugh! I have gone through more than a half a jar in these eight days. I put it in my alcohol cabinet this morning so I will have to take one more step to have it. Here’s my commitment to you guys right now -- if I mess around with almond butter in any capacity other than as part of a plated fat in a dedicated meal, I’m chucking it. Sigh. I’m really sad about it. I want the food freedom. Are my meals currently not big enough or something? (Also I know that it seems like I'm seeking out sugar, so I'm not going to buy any other fruits other than apples for a while, and find some snacks that are more protein-heavy. Any ideas/suggestions?) I felt so bad yesterday I almost threw in the towel re: Whole30 but I'm glad I didn't. Feeling sad about my poor coping mechanisms aside, it was nice to hang out with my friends. One of them is also not drinking as much right now and the other is not smoking nearly as much, so we all talked about how nice it is to be able to sleep better at night. It was nice to have that feeling of solidarity. I have a PLAN OF ACTION for TODAY (DAY NINE) to be more successful: -Find a recipe online that would be fun to make for dinner tonight and breakfast leftovers tomorrow, -Go shopping for the ingredients after rwork and get some kombucha + carrots as well -Make a bigass meal with the intention of not snacking tonight (but have a plan just in case you are hungry) -Have tea constantly going after dinner and keep hands occupied (guitar) -Absolutely no food past 8pm

    30 Day Time Machine

    This sounds sooooo good! Thanks! I love pineapple so this would be great to try! I am glad that it seems like you are getting through these hard Whole30 stages well! I hope you notice some more good health improvements today.
  10. DAY SEVEN Pre-workout; Post-workout: A little almond butter; coconut water Breakfast: Leftover steak and potato hash with eggs, sauteed garlic and red onion; a carrot Lunch: A Lara bar (Cherry Pie, omg so good), half an Epic chicken meatstick (freaking disgusting, do NOT recommend), a broccoli slaw bag salad from Trader Joe’s (dried cranberries and blueberries, sunflower seeds and slivered almonds) Dinner: Roasted butternut squash, an Aidell’s chicken apple sausage, a fried egg with extra egg whites on top with half an avocado, a carrot Snacks: A couple strawberries, kombucha, almond butter, a mango Exercise: A little over 5 mile run, some walking because lots of hills aieee Thoughts/Reflections: Don't have a lot of time so putting this together in a rush -- not too much to report today. Was out and about all day which was why the super late lunch. Maybe I need some more portable lunch ideas? I should probably have a better and more dedicated plan to eating on the weekends. I didn’t actually eat my lunch until about 3pm?! That might have been why I was snacking on so much almond butter… straight from the jar… didn’t think I’d do that because it doesn’t have sugar in it, definitely not a good habit. Need to work on that. Love being on Whole30 because my “decision” to not have things that are available to me has already been made, so I don’t have to stress about opportunities to have, idk, ice cream. E leaves for the week tomorrow. Please give me lots of love and support these next few days, ya’ll. This is gonna be really hard for me to stay on track.
  11. Oh my gosh, now that you mention it we we have a bunch of breweries that also have kombucha... that could be a fun alternative if I end up at a brewery while on my Whole30! Yum. We have a local grocery store where we can get a bunch of options on draft, so that's fun. It is AWESOME, even if it were to be the only thing you made in a wok, it would be well worth it!!
  12. DAY SIX Breakfast: Half a banana and some cashews, cold brew Lunch: Leftover eggroll in a bowl with a fried egg on top and an apple Dinner: Ribeye steak, roasted brussel sprouts, baked potato, a La Croix with some frozen blueberries in it (check that below omg it was so good) Snacks: Cashews, kombucha (my fiance and I are going to work our way through the GTS brand, hahaha), a bite of the coconut cream pie Lara bar (my fiance E took one for a snack so I demanded a bite, because that’s mine! It was REALLY GOOD, haha) Exercise: Oops, not in the cards for today! This has been a low-intensity week for exercise, haha. On my feet a lot today, anyway. Thoughts/Reflections: Another amazing night of sleep. My fiance E and I walked to get some coffee and picked up a few groceries, including some huge steaks for dinner. Did not actually have much for breakfast, oops, but I figured I was going to have a pretty big lunch and it was totally fine. I also bought every single compliant Lara bar I found at Safeway, and put one in my purse, because I had to work at a college fair in the afternoon from about noon to 4:30 and was worried about getting hungry. Didn’t need to worry about that -- the high fat diet that I’m eating lately is keeping me super full for a super long time, but I did feel really weak and tired by the time I got home. But oh mannnn I made such a huge massive dinner -- steaks and baked potato (with ghee, salt, and salsa for me) and roasted brussels sprouts, yumm. Neither E nor I could finish such a massive portion, so we saved a bunch of potato and steak for an awesome hash tomorrow. Not too much to report for today, but this Saturday is so much healthier than my Saturdays usually are -- I can’t even believe it. Usually I am having tons of beer, and then we go out to a restaurant to get some huge-portioned meal, ice cream, etc. I made a huge dinner at home, but I didn’t eat all of it -- such a significantly better choice. It makes me really happy to know that my Whole30 is helpful not only for me, but for my fiance, too. I am feeling very relaxed with our day and don't feel any kind of FOMO. Have been feeling consistent optimism these last few days. I will be on my own for five days next week because my fiance is going out of town… I'm pretty nervous. I historically have not made great choices when I have been on my own... it is something I struggle with... Any advice? I want to make a meal plan to keep me occupied, so if you have any fave recipes, hook me up!
  13. MAYHEM

    Pandora’s Whole 30 log

    Ooo, would you mind hooking me up with the recipe, if convenient? Sounds tasty! I would fear cooking zoodles in a crockpot, I feel like I'd turn them to mush so I'm super curious how yours works!!
  14. MAYHEM

    30 Day Time Machine

    SO smart to stay on top of symptoms... plus if you are logging food/symptoms over time, it'll be so much easier to see if certain foods or activities trigger certain responses! (And especially if it lets favorites off the hook!)
  15. DAY FIVE Pre-workout: Hard-boiled egg (can’t recommend the pre-hardboiled ones from Whole Foods, ya’ll, they ain’t it) Breakfast: Gross sausage (there is ONE LEFT), two hardboiled eggs with some Trader Joe’s Everything Seasoning on them (they became Tolerable), half a carrot, half a cucumber, a pear, some cashews Lunch: Chicken (10ozish), broccoli, half an avocado, half a carrot, half a cucumber, olives Dinner: Eggroll in a bowl!!! (See pic.) Snacks: Two GTS kombuchas (oops), apple, a couple cashews, a handful of frozen berries because I was feeling snacky right when I got home from work and it's Friday :/ Exercise: About 25 min of weight training, a 30 min brisk walk on the treadmill (worn out from donating blood maybe) NSV: I went to my first therapy appointment today for the first time since I moved. It went OK. I was honest and frank but I always feel like I’m coming out of the gate hard and if someone doesn’t meet me on my energy level… ehhh, I don’t know. I’m not sure it’ll be a good fit yet but I’m gonna try again next week. I am aware that my approach to therapy might not necessarily make finding a therapist that resonates with me super easy. Ugh. Still did it though! Thoughts/Reflections: YO I got the BEST night of sleep last night, I hadn’t taken anything to help my sleep (which I often do) but I slept super soundly. Potentially a result of the double-blood donation yesterday -- also feeling weaker today during my workout, haha. I know I should be in Kill All The Things mode, but I am still in a very good mood. Feeling optimistic and upbeat and pretty energetic! Total inverse of earlier this week, haha. Today is Friday, which is a big first nerve-wracking milestone, because I typically am pretty good about eating well during the week but absolutely launch into culinary debauchery during the weekends. Well, I had a very successful first Friday on Whole30! I went to Whole Foods after work and got everything I needed to make the infamous Eggroll in a Bowl recipe, and YA’LL. TEAM. It was SO GOOD. It didn’t take much time to make, just be sure you start with an enormous wok because the slaw takes up a lot of space, haha. I mixed coleslaw and broccoli slaw for fun. The only compliant chili garlic sauce I could find was extremely spicy, but I was lucky in that my eyeballing was perfect! I will probably continue making this recipe even once I finish with Whole30 -- it was excellent. You didn’t miss rice or anything like that. Very filling. I will be making this one again -- maybe with chicken thighs next time! Peep the Masterchef-level plating below. PS: I read somewhere that someone subbed out their regular wine/beer habit for pouring kombucha into a fancy glass and enjoying it that way. LOVE IT. I can tell it's going to be my Whole30 weekend ritual. PPS: My fiance has discovered he really likes kombucha, even though he hates the marketing for it lmaoooo