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    30 Day Time Machine

    I can see Green Mountain from my kitchen window! Well not today but usually. lol We're Morrison by zip code, unincorporated Jeffco. I'm just on the south side of BCLP. I love to ride Green Mtn, hoping to get to where I can ride there again soon. Laura...Laurie... the similarities continue.
  2. Laurie's All In

    MAYHEM's Whole30 Log (Apr29 - May29 2019)

    Ah! Not a hot saucy person so I'll pass on any more Cyrstal info. lol Makes me think I need to check my mustards though. I've been asking for 18 years for dance lessons, no go so far. I missed my window, I'll just have to live vicariously through you. Minus the death defying slips! Be careful!
  3. Laurie's All In

    30 Day Time Machine

    Thanks Cinco! We do sound like we're on very similar journeys! I look forward to both of us finding success. I'm Denver Metro area, Southwest area, how about you?
  4. Laurie's All In

    MAYHEM's Whole30 Log (Apr29 - May29 2019)

    Mayhem, what's Crystal? I'm super jealous of your dance lessons! I convinced my now husband to take dance lessons before our wedding and then I broke my ankle. When I got out the cast the moment had passed and I never got him to go. I, to this day, tell him he owes me dance lessons. We're going on 18 years.
  5. Laurie's All In

    LowcarbinthePNW food log 5/1-5/31

    That stinks! I discovered that my teen had an account but thankfully she's too lazy to do anything about it and thankfully she takes after her dad, lean with a metabolism I would kill for.
  6. Laurie's All In

    LowcarbinthePNW food log 5/1-5/31

    My MFP use has been very similar, not 100% dedicated so it won't be real hard to give up. I did just get in with some supportive folks though so I don't want to lose those connections, for if and when I go back.
  7. Laurie's All In


    I hope when this is done I get dairy back! I'll be sad without cheese and ice cream.
  8. Laurie's All In

    30 Day Time Machine

    Day Zero (yesterday). I went to the gym, and then I went to Whole Foods, Costco, and King Soopers to get all my food for the next 7 days. Sheez! I came home, put it away while clearing out what needed to go, creating a W30 only shelf in the pantry and a shelf for my husband and kid with things like their peanut butter and energy gels on it. I then did some food prep: salad dressing and pepper slices. And then I was exhausted and had a headache for the rest of the night. Went to bed at my normal time, because insomina says you keep to the routine, although I didn't read at all. Slept okay. Morning Day One: I got up weighed for the last time (put the scale on the top shelf of the linen closet), took my measurements, and had my husband take my before pictures. That's done for 30 days.
  9. Laurie's All In

    LowcarbinthePNW food log 5/1-5/31

    Definitely! I worry about that as well. I have a teenage daughter as well. I really try to not screw her up with my issues, but it's so hard to know.
  10. Laurie's All In

    LowcarbinthePNW food log 5/1-5/31

    Interesting idea to give up MFP. I wasn't going to log but figured I'd still post to keep my connections I've made there.
  11. Laurie's All In

    Starting May 1!

    I did a bunch of food shopping today, got my kitchen in order (getting non-compliant stuff out, and did a little food prep... I'm a SAHM too, so I don't have to sweat the prep too much.
  12. Laurie's All In

    Starting May 1st also!

    I'm starting May 1st and traveling the last week of the month, but in our camper so I should still have a lot of control over what I eat, if I'm not too lazy. But like you said it's always something and I'd rather feel good sooner than later.
  13. Laurie's All In

    Starting May 1!

    I'm starting on May 1st -- Whole 30 virgin here.
  14. Laurie's All In

    Starting May 1!

    I'm a newbie starting May 1st. Just found out I have a medical condition as well so hoping the dietary changes help.
  15. Laurie's All In

    Starting over May 1st

    I'm starting May 1st too! Mad props to you for prepping for a whole month! I can barely do a week at a time.
  16. Laurie's All In

    First timer, nervous!

    I'm starting May 1st too. Also grocery shopping tomorrow. Good luck!!