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  1. DAY 15 - Half way home

    Breakfast: Hashbrowns and 2 eggs in coconut oil

    Lunch: 1:30....leftover turkey tomato sauce w/green olives

    Dinner: Cheeseburger Skillet

    Snacks:  Justin's Almond Butter pre-workout.... post workout: 4 almonds (yuck) a bit later meat stick. I just don't want solid food after a hard workout. I miss my protein shakes. 

    Before lunch time appointment other meat stick to hold me over util lunch. Nuts in the afternoon. 

    Exercise: 25 minute walk with daughter and dog before school. I was struggling to keep up and drenched in sweat afterward. 

    80 minute MTB ride up Rooney Valley trail...multiple stops until I got to the new stuff, loved the new stuff, struggled a bit with the finish but despite going over my set turn-around time I did it. Came back down same trail. Definitely not how I would normally bomb down a hill but I can see me doing so one of these days. 

    Sleep: Slept soundly until about 2 then it was drifting in and out for the rest of the morning finally getting up at 5.  Noticed lately a weird thing: my hands falling asleep while I'm sleeping. Keep trying different positions. 

    Bowels: After breakfast and walk - total liquid diarrhea. Nothing rest of day.  Morning: loose bits 

    NSV:  Decided to reach out to my friends about my frustrations and got a ton of support back. I cried which is something I've been trying not to do so much, but it was good crying. 

    Was pissed at my health issues and said F it, and went and rode a trail that I know I don't really have the fitness for. I almost cried a couple of times how hard it was how many stops I had to make. Then I got to the new stuff and it leveled out some and I kinda enjoyed it. I hit my turn around time but I could see the top and I went for it.  I made it back down and to my appointment on time....glad I did it.  Noticing that it's almost 2 and I'm not desperately trying to figure out how to take a nap, like I would most days. 

    Thoughts & Feelings:  Met with Integrative Health doctor again today. Hashed out things out. She and the Endo just don't agree on the definition of Hashimoto's but came to understand that everyone was in agreement that I have the antibodies but my thyroid is functioning in normal range. So moving on to symptoms. I'm frustrated because her recommendations are all mostly things I'm already doing. But there's a couple of new options that I'm gonna try before going back and saying she needs to step it up.  So scheduled appointment to meet with Eastern Medicine person and 1:1 Therapeutic Yoga. Will give these a try and see. Continuing with Whole 30 and then she recommends an anti-inflammatory Mediterranean diet ... which can't be that different than Whole 30 which is all about being anti inflammatory. Also a few vitamin/supplement recommendations to try.  I'm going in on this and going to hope something works but I'm not going to wait months for something to happen before going back and saying "what else you got?"

    Order some blue screen glasses to use in the evenings to see if that helps with my sleep. 

  2. It'll be so great having your house sold. Only house I've sold was my dad's last year when he went into assisted living. What PITA! I don't look forward to ever having to sell mine. 

    Glad you enjoyed your strawberry and it was adverse free!

    Thought of you earlier when I was riding on Green Mountain, only saw 1 runner I think so I didn't think I probably saw you. 

  3. 2 hours ago, cinco_mouser said:

    That really sucks about the physicians giving you the run around. Is it possible to see a different endocrinologist?

    I'm trying I've got some calls out and need to get another referral. 

  4. DAY 14

    Breakfast: Chicken Salad leftovers - I was out of sweet potato hash and hashbrowns

    Lunch: Leftover Sheet pan Jambalaya 

    Dinner: Burger patty with avocado, lettuce tomato and onion ....after dinner was a fail, my butternut squash had gone bad and it was really bitter, so we ran out for dinner.  Also had a few Boulder Potato Chips (compliant ingredients but I know that chips aren't allowed. I've never been much of a chip person so I wasn't worried this would send me in spiral. And they were gross so I didn't even eat but 5 or 6)

    Snacks:  Go-Go Squeeze, RX Bar, Almonds all post workout...felt really light-headed

    Some nuts, veggies with dump ranch, a couple of pieces of leftover bacon.

    Exercise: Upper Body weights for 20 minutes then Yoga for the first time in months, intention was to go finish up weights afterward but I was wiped out and didn't feel great. 

    Sleep:  Terrible.  Up at 12:30, thinking of packing, read for a just a few minutes before I was nodding off again. Back up about 2:30 thinking of doctor stuff, then packing. Never really got back to sleep again. But did my lay there and feel like my mind and body were disjointed thing, body totally relaxed and dead to the world. Brain, totally functioning. 

    Bowels: One loose bits in the morning nothing for the rest of the day. Google says I need more fiber.  This morning bigger mushy but according to Google it was normal. Just not my normal. 

    NSV:  Went to Yoga....It was really hard being out of it for so long but I really enjoyed the stress release. 

    Quick rally to go out to eat once dinner was ruined and still stayed compliant. 

    Thoughts & Feelings:  So tired all day. So much for Tiger Blood Day. 

    Heard from original endocrinologist that told me I had Hashimoto's and to do this elimination diet thing and was told "we do not treat Hashimotos disease unless thyroid labs are abnormal. Yours remained normal on your recent check. ....I do not see an endocrine cause of your current symptoms and recommend that you follow up with your PCP or non western medicine provider to discuss alternative approaches to Hashimotos disease."   But my non-western medicine provider doesn't think I have it and there's no point to me doing this diet. So WTF am I supposed to do? I feel like I'm going crazy. I had an answer finally that fit my symptoms: Hashimoto's but no solution. I go to the Integrative Health doctor for the solution and she says my answer is wrong. In the meantime I still have this symptoms plus some that were feeling better: inability to handle stress, depression are rearing their heads again. And I still have no energy and my workouts suck. And I struggle to reach out to my support group about this because I'm afraid they're all gonna think I'm nuts too. 

  5. DAY 12 - 25% done!

    Breakfast: Sweet Potato, Chicken Apple Sausage, Apple - it was the end of what I'd made so I threw an egg on there too. 

    Lunch: Steak Salad w/ no dressing....the restaurant I was out was great. I assumed I could have the vinaigrette but the chef actually came out and told me all their dressing had soy. Tried to offer pesto, knew that was out because of dairy so I took no dressing and it was still really good.

    Dinner: Greek Salad  

    Snacks:  Go-Go Squeeze pre-workout, a few grapes. 

    Exercise: 30 minute walk with daughter and dog. Hour bike ride with a good friend.

    Sleep:  Went to bed about 9, up at 1. Laid there awake for quite a while. Eyes closed. Mind wasn't really in overtime. Eventually started to doze off and on again. Up at 5:30

    Bowels: After yesterday mornings colon clearing dump. I didn't go again all day. This morning it's back to little loose stuff.  

    NSV:  No cravings.  

    Ate a salad with no dressing and it was good. 

    Didn't quit and talked myself back into the program.

    No Brain Fog.

    Handling stress better. 

    Thoughts & Feelings:  I received a really frustrating report from my, who I thought was awesome, integrative health doctor who said there was no evidence in eliminating foods would help but if I wanted to whatever.  haven't really noticed changes other than no cravings [went back and added in no brain fog and handling stress better as I came to this realization that I'm not in tears about all this...though I thought about it], I really hope I'm losing weight but I other than my bras fitting better I still haven't really felt like I am. Also that I was 'under the impression that I have Hashimoto's' when her looking at my medical records says I don't (WHAT THE HELL DO I DO WITH THAT?!?!) but they treat the symptoms and then went on to only address the insomnia with all the same crap that I've been trying for years without success. And didn't address any of my other symptoms.  I'm so frustrated!!! I made another appointment to see her on Wednesday to hash this out. And I'm trying to get into another Endocrinologist to get a THIRD opinion to break the tie since this doctor contradicted everything the first one said: "You have Hashimoto's go gluten, dairy, and soy free and come back and see me in a year". Just got a $200 bill for that first useless visit. 

    My workouts are still frustrating. I'm still posting all my slowest times ever on Strava segments. 


  6. 19 hours ago, cinco_mouser said:

    I am finding routine in the new eating habits. Everyone else goes for a soda, I grab a fizzy water. Everyone else goes for dessert, I go for a walk with Audible playing. I like my coffee black, and drink less of it now than I used to. I don't miss sweets as much as I thought, and that's a relief. I am losing weight, although I can't step on the scale to prove it. I feel amazing, and that's a nice. I miss the foods I miss, but I do NOT miss the way they made me feel. 

    I love everything about this! Wahoo!!!!!

    I also love Audible. Walking. Driving. Cooking dinner.  

  7. DAY 11

    Breakfast: Hash browns and 2 eggs

    Lunch: Steak Salad w/ Balsamic Dressing

    Dinner: Sheet Pan Jambalaya  

    Snacks:  Grapes, a few nuts

    Exercise: High Ropes Obstacle Course

    Sleep:  Went to bed about 9, up at 1 came downstairs for a bit and read, was nodding off so I went bad to bed were I slept fitfully until getting up at 5. 

    Bowels: (Sorry, yes I think I need to start tracking this for myself. Just feel free to move along.) Seemed better yesterday, not the constant sort of diarrhea like throughout the day. Waking on Day 12, the BIG diarrhea dump. 

    NSV:  No cravings.  

    Survived a High Ropes Obstacle Course - that was EXHAUSTING and I didn't get all anxious before going that I wasn't going to have enough energy to do it. 

    Thoughts & Feelings:  At out for lunch for the first time that I kinda had to wing it (I did look at the menu online before going) but I was able to remove the offending items and I think I was compliant. The steak was I wouldn't swear that it was compliant but dang it was good. 

    Really appreciated my Mother's Day gift of the ropes course. It was fun in the beginning but got a bit stressful and scary as I got tired. But it distracted me from the reasons I usually don't enjoy the day. Then my daughter was full on teenager in the afternoon and put a heavy damper on dinner and the evening. Oh well, can't win them all. But man parenting sucks. 

    I've decided that I really like this online journal and think it might be something worth continuing after Whole 30. I enjoy the few minutes each morning to review the day before get things out. 

  8. 15 hours ago, MAYHEM said:

    @Laurie's All In and @cinco_mouser -- you two have both shown me really consistent kindness when I've been going through a very difficult time. You cannot know how much I appreciate it.  And Laurie, I just want to tell you that I am so sorry for your loss. All my love and good thoughts to you. <3 

    Thank you and I, likewise appreciate that support. It's been great to know that we're all going through this together. 


    15 hours ago, MAYHEM said:

    Thoughts/Reflections: I went to see a movie today at a theater that lets you order food and drinks, and I’ve been so burnt out I gave myself permission to have two drinks (max), but I ended up not having any of them, because I didn't want any. So I ended up ending Day Twelve compliant! 

    THAT IS HUGE!!!! Way to stay strong! You've come way too far to screw it up now! Save those drinks for your wedding!!!

  9. DAY 11

    Breakfast: Hash browns and Eggs

    Lunch: Costco Power food salad with rotisserie chicken, avocado and homemade ranch

    Dinner: Chicken Salad

    Snacks:  Grapes, a few nuts,  an apple 

    Exercise: none

    Sleep:   To sleep at 10, woke about 3 to go to the bathroom, asleep again until 6:30!!!!!   I was so tired in the afternoon I spent an hour reading and napping. 

    NSV:  I stayed strong without much effort at a gathering of friends where there were all manner of foods I couldn't eat. I ate my chicken salad that I brought to share, had a few grapes, drank my water.  I even stayed strong when the desserts came out, caramel brownies with ice cream!  I even stayed strong with Paleo raspberry bars that were technically compliant but I stayed off that slippery slope. 

    A great nights sleep!

    Brain fog/Confusion seems better. I was trying to learn a new card game, Eucher, last night that everyone else knew and I was super confused but I felt more like the rules than me. 

    Thoughts & Feelings:  It is so helpful to be surrounded by healthy people. No one last night batted an eye at my diet, several had done it before, some were still mostly Paleo.  Super thankful for that. 

    I have long not been a fan of Mother's Day. My own mom is MIA. I used to send my dad cards for Mother's Day because he always did double duty for me. But this is my first Mother's Day without my Dad. I have yet to ever make it a day about me, and the fact that I'm a mom.  Expecting it to be an emotional day. 

  10. DAY 10

    Breakfast: Sweet Potato, Chicken Apple Sausage, Apple Hash

    Lunch: Turkey Bacon Apple Wraps with Lemon Herb Mayo

    Dinner: Steak with Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Bacon

    Snacks:  Grapes, a few nuts,  an RX bar, bacon, some apple .... too much snacking

    Exercise: Weight Lifting at the Gym

    Sleep:   My old regular 9:30 to bed, up at 1 immediately tilting at windmills anxiety, about 1:30 I took an Ativan and finally got back to sleep. Woke about 5:30....I was really hoping my sleep issues had be helped but nope!

    NSV:  No cravings.  

    Thoughts & Feelings:  Yesterday I woke with a rib out of place. I went to the gym remembering as I got there that they have this hydro massagers, and I thought great, I'll try that to see if it can pop my back into place. Nope, it more shifted it and I felt it in my breast bone instead. Chiropractor got him in that morning and was able to talk to him about the Hashimoto's and what he could do for me with regards to that as well, which was good. Got my back put back but it was sore for the rest of the days as the muscles were adjusting. I'll go back and see him again next week. It'd been over a year since I'd seen him before yesterday. 

    2 weeks and 4 phone calls to the Integrative Health Clinic that the doctors recommendations are still done but stuck in their system and I still don't have them. Felt like I've lost 2 weeks of doing things that may have been able to help me but can't. Last night while fuming about this I did remember the supervisors name so I'll call Monday and ask to talk to her since nothing else has worked yet. Next I guess I drive over there in sit in their office until I get it. 

    Spent yesterday afternoon taking my daughter over to see her BFF (they call each other Partners in Crime), and me to see all of her family - close friends of ours. Their kids attend where the shooting was this week. It was great to put my arms around her, and her parents - her older brother is not really the hugging type, but it felt good to put eyes on him and talk to him.  Definitely a tough time, they were/are closely involved with what went on.  Tonight we're going back over with the rest of our circle of friends, Framily, for a potluck sort of gathering just to be close and connect.  (I'll eat before and am taking a side that I can eat)

  11. 11 hours ago, cinco_mouser said:

    I have MCAS and a known latex allergy. Any fruits that have a similar protein profile to latex need to be avoided. This includes bananas, tropical citrus fruits (pineapple, kiwi, mango, passion fruit, papaya), avocados, strawberries, figs, apples, every type of melon. I also react poorly to tomatoes, carrots, celery, and soy. 

    I also have birch-fruit allergy, which means no almonds or hazelnuts, or any stone fruits (apricot, cherry, peach, plum, pear). 

    Interesting. I hadn't heard of that before. So interesting what everyone has going on that you just never know. This is why no one should ever judge someone else for what they do or don't eat. 

  12. DAY 9- 30% done!

    Breakfast: Sweet Potato, Chicken Apple Sausage, Apple Hash

    Lunch: Chipotle Whole 30 Bowl

    Dinner: Hash browns and 2 eggs w/ 1/2 and Avocado

    Snacks:  Probably more than few grapes, a few nuts,  some a Go-Go Squeeze and a Tuna pouch after workout, an RX bar because lunch was running late

    Exercise: Climbing Gym, boy, has it been a while!

    Sleep:   9:30-3, laid around until 5. 

    NSV: - The climbing gym for the first time in a long time. Helps that I went in the morning rather than evening when I'm usually too tired. 

    It was a pissy, stressful, crappy day and I didn't go nuts. Other than maybe a few too many grapes. 

    A ate an RX bar and I was more than a little afraid that I would be drooling from the sweet goodness, and yes it was good but I didn't feel like it was awakening my "sugar dragon"

    I had no dinner planned, didn't even try to figure it out until I was already hungry but still was able to come up with a quick easy compliant meal. 

    Thoughts & Feelings:  A NSFail today was I bailed on my bike event last night. I was not in the right frame of mind to go out to eat at a tap house that I know to have great food (Colorado Plus for Cinco's sake), and then go to this women's bike event that every year as some A-mazing treats, and alcohol, and more than that it has bike teams and people getting excited about racing and riding and I'm struggling just to get on my bike. 

    A friend of mine who's doing this W30 thing with me works at the climbing gym, but she was working from home when I was there so I swung by her house after and we chatted for a long time and it was great. She's cheating (with alcohol like I knew she would - but I don't care) but she was roasting up her sweet potatoes while I was there. Felt really relaxed and laughed and connected....I needed that!

  13. 1 hour ago, Elizabeth33 said:

    I have problems with bananas at time too. They repeat on my. My next round I am going to go even further with restrictions to eventually be Whole 30 AIP with low lectin and then do reintroduce. I totally understand We can do it

    I don't know that I can do Whole 30 AIP, I think now I'll do Whole 30 and then a Whole 30esque thing with the other things that I didn't leave out this round. I love my eggs though. 

  14. 4 hours ago, cinco_mouser said:

    I am able to eat about half of the portion sizes dictated by the program without hunger between meals,  and I am choosing to let that be a thing. I used to struggle with binge eating, and am unwilling to try to force food into my face. If I prepare a meal and cannot finish it, the remnants wait. If I get hungry before the next meal, those remnants are the snack option available to me. This is working for me. 

    That sounds like a great plan! I struggle with the eating past my hunger point to be full until the next meal. So yea, I'm snacking more than I probably should. 


    4 hours ago, cinco_mouser said:

    Denying myself pseudo-healthy food seems ridiculous.

    I'm really excited for this winter storm to go away. I'm very hopeful this is the last one for the season. 

    Agree 100% on both counts!!  Why no bananas?

  15. 4 hours ago, MAYHEM said:

    YO nice job with managing lunch, it was a tough situation and it's awesome that you were able to persevere! Even though an iced tea is not a super fun option while friends are having lunch, it is so great you were still able to get out and be social.

    I feel you (and @cinco_mouser) on the stress about eating out. I am extremely blessed to live in a place that is absolutely bursting with "healthy" and "alternative diet" options, and it's been hard for even me to find places that have options that are very obviously compliant. I have two salad places, a Chipotle (which has a whole Whole30 bowl, that I have already had once and it was mostly guacamole which is... not quite as fun without at least beans in it), and... that's kind of it, for the places I know I would be "safe" to have options. (But I am trying to take this as an opportunity to save some money, so am trying to console myself re: not being able to go out to eat very often that way... :/ 

    You are doing amazing!!! Keep it up!

    Chipotle, Tokyo Joes, and Zoe's Kitchen are the only places that I know I'm safe.  And @cinco_mouser I wish I could just not go out, and if it was just a friend or getting together, yea I would totally be having people over but between tonight's event for the team and meeting with our financial advisor (I thought we'd just meet in his office!) I don't really have control. Although I'm about to cancel on going to tonight's thing. I don't think I'm in the right frame of mind. 

    A girl on our team just posted on our women's FB page about intuitive eating over fad diets in this article from Outside Magazine which it mentions Whole 30, and her and another girl got on this whole trip about bashing Whole 30.....less than 2 weeks after I posted on their explaining about my diagnosis and why I was doing Whole 30 and asking for their support ....specifically saying I don't expect anyone to do this with me. It's race season, you need your sugar and carbs.  So I'm not in a great place at the moment, as I got sufficiently triggered.  Thankfully I had a lot more response and support to my post than these two women but still. It's a crappy weather day, I'm on Day 8, and I'm annoyed. 

  16. 4 hours ago, cinco_mouser said:

    My daughter has a phone, but it's restricted (she cannot download apps without permission). She bikes to school, and has for several years, so the phone is an essential function. It's about 4 mile one way to her school via bike. Her laptop access is equally restricted. Possibly it's easier for me to maintain control because there has never been free-access to her technology. I have a deep distrust of other humans. She would be fine; but other people suck. 

    I think when it comes to technology there are no right answers, and no easy answers. 

    Mines just smarter than me. She got into this stuff before I was on top of it and stupid iphone restrictions (which I need to research) but once she had it, she can just download it from the cloud again and it doesn't ask for permission.  


  17. DAY 8

    Breakfast: Sweet Potato, Chicken Apple Sausage, Apple Has

    Lunch: Iced Tea with friends while they had lunch at a Mexican place that I didn't even want to try and figure out. It was less complicated just to have iced tea ... I had my post workout snack before and a more substantial afternoon snack. 

    Dinner: Turkey Bacon Apple Wraps with Lemon Herb Mayo.... YUMMY! Family all liked it!

    Snacks:  A few grapes, a few nuts, leftover Mexican Twice Baked Potato filling after workout, after "lunch" I had some rotisserie chicken with leftover flavored mayo from the Hawaiian burgers and bell pepper strips. 

    Exercise: 60 minute bike ride on my trainer while watching the first half of the movie Book Club. 

    Sleep:   One of my typical nights of sleep. Wave of tired hit me about 6 while driving back from dropping the kid off at climbing practice. I made it until bedtime at 9:30. I sleep until 2:30ish and then didn't really get back to sleep until after 4:30 when my husband got up and went downstairs for his workout. I then got up at 6 when he cam back in to shower and get ready.  

    NSV: - I got on the trainer - that takes a certain level of dedication I didn't think I would have again this year. 

    I did not accidentally mindlessly eat a Honey Stinger Chew.

    Lunch - see above.

    Thoughts & Feelings: Not sure how I managed lunch. My mind is definitely in this right now. I hope it stays. There's a loooong way to go. OH And after lunch but before my bigger afternoon snack, I went grocery shopping! I did get frustrated being faced with all this food I couldn't eat and I couldn't find a couple of things so I just left. Who wants to make raw cashew milk anyway? I think in that recipe I'll just use coconut milk instead.

    I have a team dinner tonight, one the biggest annual women's cycling events and who is organizing (which just means who and where) me! I set it up before I started this. It's out a taphouse with great food! I think I'll have a salad (bring my dressing?) and a plain burger patty. But the event after at the bike shop has lots of vendors and exhibitors and there's a ton of treats and alcohol. We'll see come game time if I think it's worth going or not. 

    Eating out is definitely what I am hating the most about this whole challenge right now. The book is all about still be social but and what to bring so you can eat but that's great if it's at someone's home.  We're meeting with our financial adviser, and his wife who's a friend of mine, on Monday night for dinner to discuss what to do about that my husband's company (not his personally) is getting bought out and I need to figure out where we can go. Thankfully they eat super healthy too, but not as restrictive at this. I talked her on the phone a bit yesterday and found out that she just got diagnosed with Hashimoto's too.  But I feel like going out is such a chore now and I can't do it and I'm high maintenance and I'd really just rather not go, but then I'm secluding myself again which is what I was doing when I was feeling depressed all the time, which Whole 30 seemed to help with but now it's restricting me on the other side. I can't win. 


  18. I'm so sorry!! I wish there was something I could do. Sounds like KILL ALL THINGS has shown up. But I'm impressed with your soldiering on. Those muffins would be out in the garbage bin at my house, just FYI, you are a better woman than I!! 

    Memorial Day seems ridiculously early doesn't it? In my head it's always like May 31st.  It really screwed up my planning as well for these 30 days. I thought I would end that weekend while with the team out in Gunnison for a big mountain bike race and I could party with my team (my husband's racing not me) But nooooo and that doesn't even account for reintroduction so just screwed eight ways from Sunday. 

  19. 3 hours ago, cinco_mouser said:

    I don't let mine partake in any form of social media for this very reason. 

    I wish, but she was doing it anyway so I figured I'd rather it be in the open where I can see it and be aware in case something like what did happen came up.  I'd take the phone away completely, but she needs her computer for school and I can't imagine her not having a phone in case of a school shooting and I can't get a hold of her. I haven't yet found the right answer and none of this even existed when I was a kid, so I'm totally flying blind. 

  20. Two near slips:

    1) yesterday I go to fill up my iced tea before leaving lunch. I must not have been paying attention and accidentally got the sweet tea. GROSS!!! If I hadn't been in the middle of the restaurant I would have spit it on the floor. I then just threw away my cup. No I'm not starting over. I'm not worried about the added sugar of one sip of something I can't stand anyway. 

    2) had to ride the bike trainer today, which I haven't done in at least a couple of weeks. I keep some Honey Stinger gels by my bike and about popped one in my mouth without even thinking! I moved them over next to my husbands bike so he can eat them. I know at some point I'd just have one out of habit!