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  1. Angela13081

    Day 1 takeaways

    Day 1 - Apparently I am a lot more used to grazing than I realized. Guess it comes from the whole grab a handful of whatever before getting busy again. I followed the food rules but I totally snacked on almonds and a banana. Also veggies at breakfast are a problem. Bacon and eggs every problem. Im from the south. But we eat fruit, not veggies, with our bacon. Need to think on that. Lunch was shrimp and an entire bunch of asparagus. Dinner was bacon, a few grapes and a giant plate of brussel sprouts. Anyone seen the Big Bang brussel sprout episode..thats coming. I meant to have steak and brussel sprouts but I planned my timing poorly and had to leave before steak was done. I am full though and only almost killed hubby once (he spoiled Endgame) grrr. So thats it. I survived. Im planning to remove fruit for three days during week 2. A girl can only take so much. I totally think I can do this though! Yay me.
  2. Angela13081

    Hour 1 of Whole30

    Well after weeks of planning I am starting today. I am a sugar ADDICT...Mountain Dew, candy, you name it. If it has sugar, I want it. Terrified of sugar detox. I went ahead and burned all the taste buds off my tongue drinking my hot tea without added milk and my neighbor accidentally invited my ex over for sauerkraut on my "go public" lots of excitement happening already. Hopefully it will be enough to distract me from physically breaking into the man cave for my husbands candy in about 5 hours.