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    Discouraged after my Whole30

    I have been having this experience as well. Posted something to the trouble shooting Whole 30 Forum. Waiting to hear back. Wondering if I was eating too much fat or not enough of something. I feel great, have had some weight loss and like you I have no plans on eating any other way long term. But I did think I would lose more. I have not jumped on the scale as I want to stick with it and if I do and the needle has not budged much I might just stick my head in a vat of chocolate!
  2. Hi all, Today is not a good day. I am feeling really like this is not working out for me so need some inspiration. I completed 21 days of the first Whole 30 but then went on a business trip and I would say the last nine days was challenging but more so because options were not readily available. I did not horribly go off the wagon but I would say I had a couple off "off" meals for about 9 days. I wasn't too worried as I actually do not mind giving up sugar, grains, aIcohol or corn and do not miss them terribly AT ALL. I miss legumes (mainly hummus) and my odd chocolate bar or pizza but I can take it or leave it. For a large part I have been able to work through my cravings no problem. All in all I actually enjoy eating this way. My NSV's were good. My skin was not as itchy, my tiger blood arrived, and my clothes were fitting much better so I had no problem getting right back on. Game of Thrones finale I had some chocolate (which I instantly regretted as I was in the bathroom all night) but for about 2 weeks now I have been back on. I have jumped right back on the wagon, exercising more (30-45 minutes of spinning followed by Les Mills Body Pump every other day). Since I try and exercise in the morning I have been having an RX or EPIC bar first along with a cup of coffee and Vital Proteins Collagen. I have been having breakfast a little later about 11am (should mention that I am normally up between 4 and 5am. If it is 6am I have overslept. Sometimes last week I was not hungry so I did not have "lunch" but had an earlier dinner (about 6pm). As I have been awesome and feeling great I was hoping that one of my NSV's would be that I could fit into some smaller dresses that I had (one size down). NOPE!!! I feel as though I am doing something wrong. I am very tempted to get on the scale but I do not want to as I think I will feel disappointed. I am working so hard. I have followed all of the rules (except on Saturday when I did not realise the burnt ends I shared with my husband at a BBQ joint had sugar on them). A normal eating day for me is as follows: Wake-Up - RX or Epic Bar w coffee and vital proteins; 45 minutes Spinning or 30 minutes spinning and 30 - 55 minutes Body Pump Breakfast - Potatoes, spaghetti squash or butternut squash with egg (today it was potatoes with peppers (about a cup) 3 slices of bacon and an egg). Lunch - Some sort of protein so chicken, fish or beef with a salad and either Primal Kitchen dressing (Whole 30) or olive oil and vinegar. Dinner - Pretty much mirrors lunch. I am not hungry and I am not snacking. Why do I not feel as though I am shrinking? I have been eating more red meat than normal so I am wondering if I should just go back to chicken and fish and eating some vegan meals as i was before (like the zucchini humus on Real Plans). I just do not feel as though I have the balance right, maybe? Looking forward to your feedback as I would really like to start clearing out my closet of my "big" clothes!