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  1. Asda, Sainsburies and Morrison’s (in some villages or cities) carries organic cashew milk. “Plenish” organic cashew milk has just the three ingredients cashews, water and salt.

    “Rude Health” also carries organic cashew milk just three ingredients. I usually find this at Waitrose.

    ”Biomel” has coconut  milk live action culture drinks that are small but tasty. 

    This may sound funny as I am an adult, but “Ella’s Kitchen” organic baby food pouches are pretty tasty on the go snacks. I love them.

    Aldi carries a brand of date and nut bars. They are called “Raw” and they advertise themselves as Paleo bars. Different nuts for each bar and one has cocoa powder in it.

    Aldi also sells bags of raw nuts cheaper than others stores. 

    Amazon has Paleo mayo so it has no rapeseed oil (aka canola oil) or sugar and Organic Coconut Amino’s without sugar. Not cheap but we have those resources, too!

    Starbucks carries “Ella’s Kitchen” almond butter and date balls they sell at the till.