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  1. @JodieRattlesnake There are a lot of Whole30 recipes on Pinterest. Some of my favorites are meatballs, chili, and meatloaf. Switching up your recipes will likely help with the food boredom!
  2. @Sambux89 I have struggled with obsessing over food since I was diagnosed with anorexia in high school. I've been fully healthy for years now (~8 yrs). The Whole30 has actually helped with obsessive thoughts/feelings and that is why I decided to become a coach. Here are some of my tips of things that have helped me: 1. Making meals less about the food and more about the people. I consciously have to change my focus from food to the conversation but by doing this, I find more enjoyment at these events. 2. Planning ahead of time. I find that the weeks that I meal prep and specifically
  3. Celebrate the wins you're having for feeling better!! It sounds like you've already seen drastic improvements on Day 11. Keep it up!
  4. @ShieldMaiden I recommend moving the greens to an airtight container as soon as you buy them. Also, anytime you open the container and see bad leaves, immediately remove them. If you buy head lettuce it will last longer as mentioned above. I find that a large bag of kale can usually stay fresh for two weeks! Also, store your lettuce in your refrigerator somewhere where it won’t get smashed so that you can limit the bruising and keep it fresh longer.
  5. Yay! Yes, definitely check out all of the free resources on the Whole30 website there are several PDFs that you can print out and the blog posts are really helpful and insightful.
  6. @NotoriousADG How are you sleeping and what is your stress level right now? These two things will have a large impact on how you’re feeling!! Make sure you’re getting enough zzz’s and that you are managing your stress levels. I find that spending time with close friends and family helps me feel better. I also love cuddling with my dog and make time for things I personally enjoy such as gardening. Also movement of any kind will likely help your mood. I like to go for walks after work and call a college friend to catch up. Getting fresh air and some exercise will work wonders! I al
  7. @mimorgan Are you exercising? If so, you may need more food. Also, it looks like you could add more fat to your lunch and dinner meals. Do you like avocado? Keep in mind that fruit and starchy veggies may also impact your blood sugar causing you to feel hungry later. Make sure you’re pairing these foods with enough fat or protein!
  8. @Victoria_b You can do this!! As mentioned above, headaches are common but usually only last for several days. I’m not sure which of the books you read but you can always go back to reference the information you read throughout the 30 days to help remind you why you started!
  9. Here’s my favorite! https://littlebitsof.com/2017/03/tomato-basil-turkey-meatloaf/
  10. When I go out with friends, I order a sparkling water with a lime. This makes me feel fancier than if I were just drinking plain water. If we are just hanging at someone's house, I'll bring my own Whole30 approved appetizer and some of my own seltzer water. If it is a holiday event, I make sure to offer to bring a dish! Remember, this is your journey! I would also recommend being open and honest with your friends so that you can gain their support. Maybe tell them that going out to eat is really stressful for you right now because you're trying to focus on your health. Tell them about
  11. Check the ethnic food aisles!
  12. @MFrench-Labrecque My best piece of advice is to meal-prep! This will help you from grabbing something that isn't Whole30 approved when you are really hungry.
  13. Unfortunately I am not in Columbus but I like to connect with other Whole30ers via instagram! There is a large network of Whole30 Alum online and I've made some great friends even though they live in different states!
  14. @deonnek I started a boot camp back in March and that was the first time in probably over 7 years that my body composition changed! I really had to switch up my workouts and start lifting weights to see progress. Everyone is different but that's what worked for me!
  15. Always make sure to check the ingredients each time you purchase a product. Manufacturers often change there ingredients slightly without notice!