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    Where is the guidance on reintroducing Alcohol?

    I reintroduced alcohol first with terrible results. My bad, maybe. I had just straight vodka with a twist. Next day stomach cramps, day after explosive diarrhea for almost a week until I got a probiotic. Was fine for another week and had a glass of red wine with dinner. Same results as before. I was never alcohol intolerant and never had IBS. This is the only thing I have reintroduced in 2 weeks. My system was so regulated before Whole30, now I'm not sure what to do. Apparently, my system will no longer accept alcohol. Sad, as my husband is a wine maker.
  2. I am having the exact same issue. I was concerned I had a stomach virus and maybe I do, but I feel fine and dont have any symptoms of a virus. I am sticking with the Whole30, because I like the way I feel on it, but I did have a vodka on day 31 and it has been down hill from there. I'm fine all day, but after dinner (Whoke30 compliant) I have a serious diarrhea. I also vomited on day 34. It was horrible because I really didn't have much in me to vomit. I don't ever get sick like this. Aside from the one vodka, 2 days later had a crab cake that had traces of gluten breadcrumbs. This is when I really got sick. Other than that no reintroductions.