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  1. Official word from headquarters is that they are going to be updating the meal template with these guidelines. Additionally it's been stated that these guidelines are tailored to the type of exercise as well. Therefore, if the "extra meal"/3-4 whole30 meals were working for you before with your workout regimen, it is pretty likely you can stick to that. In this instance, I would say it's likely an experimental process for each person and the type of workouts they are doing. This article is focusing on getting the most out of your workouts and optimizing recovery, so if specific individ
  2. Have you looked into the RD that wrote the article? By visiting his website, you may find some great information to support his theory
  3. Hello! I think it's important to discuss this topic! I would like to comment on this particular article-- it doesn't say these are the new guidelines as of yet -- this is an article from a RD discussing maximizing performance and recovery on Whole30. So as always, I feel it should be tailored to the needs of each person and the type of exercise they are doing - but I'm not sure it's an official change which means maybe experimenting with it might be the best to figure out what your body needs. Just a thought
  4. They do have a new owner and with that said, there may be changes from the Whole30 portion of the menu. I'm not 100% on this, but as mentioned above, I would definitely ask at each location and verify to be sure. My location still has all the Whole30 options, but I'm wondering now that you mentioned it if they are slowly phasing them out. This would be my immediate go-to resource and appears they are still on the list:
  5. People think you're crazy when you say your taste buds change after whole30 -- but it's proving to be very true as I continue to learn how others don't go back to previously "loved" items.