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    Keen On Clean Fuel reacted to kirbz in New Pre- and Post-Workout Guidelines - Has Anyone Tried It?   
    I didn't necessarily think this article represented a new guideline either. I remember reading it when I received a Whole30 email several months ago when the article was written . And frankly, I kinda dismissed it because it didn't fit into my understanding of the Whole30 framework. But, based on various threads here on the forum, it feels like maybe it is intended to be the new guideline...
    For example, the moderators have indicated that there are plans to update the meal template to align with these guidelines. Which sure makes it sound like they're the new pre- and post-workout guidelines. 
    Also, the moderators referenced a statement from Melissa Urban on this topic (see the second post here, though I'm not sure where it came from:
    First, the ISWF pre-workout recommendations were created back in 2010. Exercise nutrition best practices are always evolving, which is why we reached out to an expert in the current science; an RD who works with clients on a daily basis.
    We asked Paul to explain more his rationale on eating carbs pre-workout: "Eating carbohydrates before a workout will provide the muscles with readily available fuel--taken from the blood and sent wherever it's needed, which is faster and easier to access than digging into stores glycogen. Plus, depleting glycogen levels set off fatigue sensors in the body – and we want to avoid that happening mid-workout."
    The Whole30 books aren't being updated with this information at this point (book updates are a HUGE process), so please refer to the most current post for your best pre- and post-workout strategies.
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    Keen On Clean Fuel got a reaction from Pandora Black in Pandora’s Whole 30 log   
    It's important to note that despite snacking not being in the spirit of the program, you were mindful about your food choices and habit around food.  Moving forward it would be good to remain true to yourself and really dig in deep when you are "craving" a snack versus truly hungry and needing a snack.  Identifying certain behaviors/thoughts/environmental factors around the snacking behavior could really help you change your habits long term.  Keep up the good work -- no whole30 is perfect  
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    Keen On Clean Fuel reacted to Vevster in Are you new here? Welcome!   
    Thank you, Lindsay!  I'm seeing the benefits already!
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    Keen On Clean Fuel reacted to JenX in JenX- Round 3.5 June 2019   
    okay, i'm beginning to think it IS tiger blood.  I'm sitting here at work, bouncing in my chair, thinking about sneaking out for a run. I am AWAKE but not in a "i'm had too much caffeine" kind of way. I'm wishing I had a tread-desk.  
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    Keen On Clean Fuel reacted to JenX in Back Again and Starting June 1st   
    So, I can't do math... happy end of week 3, beginning of WEEK 4!!  Wow, this is going by quick! LOL!
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    Keen On Clean Fuel got a reaction from Vevster in What has been your most lasting food habit after Whole30?   
    People think you're crazy when you say your taste buds change after whole30 -- but it's proving to be very true as I continue to learn how others don't go back to previously "loved" items.
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    Keen On Clean Fuel got a reaction from Jihanna in Persistent Bloat and Bumpy Bowels   
    Very good advice above.  Something to consider is if the bloat remains and your bowels don't normalize, you could have some underlying GI issues.  This is when you could consider a Functional Medicine Practitioner to help identify the root cause so you know how to treat it.  There's resources in the back of the Whole30 book to get you started should you consider this route. If low FODMAP foods provide you relief, I would encourage you to get some testing of your gut to see what could be going on.  I hope this information isn't discouraging, but gives you some more ideas of how to tackle your ongoing GI distress. 
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    Keen On Clean Fuel got a reaction from Vevster in Are you new here? Welcome!   
    Welcome and best of luck!!
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    Keen On Clean Fuel reacted to kirbz in Vegetables for Breakfast   
    I'm with you. Veggies in the morning is tough. But here's where I landed. Soup! For some reason, a delicious, creamy soup doesn't seem so hard in the morning. So, I basically rotate these three with my scrambled eggs on the regular (listed in order of my favorites): 
    Golden Cauliflower Soup: Silky Gingered Zucchini Soup: Roasted Carrot Caraway Soup: Voila! Veggies for breakfast, in a format that hardly seems like veggies! :-) 
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    Keen On Clean Fuel reacted to JenX in Back Again and Starting June 1st   
    @Grace247 It's better to take your time and make sure you're ready!
    Day 20 and I have officially achieved food boredom. I tried really hard to keep the recipes fresh and new and even that didn't help. everything I am eating right now is just a chore. I know this is all part of it (at least for me), and won't last forever but I hate this part! I was up at 6 but couldn't even face breakfast until I got into work at 9am and then still had to choke it down. sigh.  I've also progressed from good sleep to sleeping like a coma patient. I am out so hard my alarm is startling me out of bed and i'm groggy for an hour after i'm up. I think I need to start exercising...that's the only thing that normalized me sometimes.
    Happy almost week 3 everybody!
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    Keen On Clean Fuel got a reaction from Oaklandish1 in Super stressed, about to quit   
    @Oaklandish1 -- Eating out does take a good bit of practice. Not to mention, it isn't always as satisfying since we have so many limitations while on Whole30.  Any progress you were able to make is commendable progress and I don't think you should discount that.  It's all about the small steps and small victories in my book  
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    Keen On Clean Fuel got a reaction from SchrodingersCat in SchrodingersCat's Round 2 diary - starting 12 May 2019   
    @SchrodingersCat- I'm hearing a great reflection of why you think you are feeling this way.  I also noticed in your mindfulness you are motivated! Keep up the good work and don't be too hard on yourself. All the best!
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    Keen On Clean Fuel reacted to FairyL0u in Day Zero   
    Meal 1 - eggs w/ leek, peppers, mushrooms
    Meal 2 - chicken w/ left over veg & salad & olives
    Meal 3 - home made beef burgers, veg (cabbage, broccoli, g beans, b sprouts)
    an apple
    bike 10.5, walk 5
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    Keen On Clean Fuel reacted to aurers in Today is the day . . .   
    Today is the day . . .
    I am starting the Whole 30 program.
    I am saying yes to my health.
    I will make good food choices for myself, my husband, my three kids, my students, my extended family, my community, my tribe.
    I am asking for support from this community.  This is a new journey and I do not want to fail.  Yesterday was the 8th Father's Day I celebrate with my dad in heaven, who passed away suddenly at the age of 65.  I want to be the healthiest version of me so that I can enjoy life for as long as I can with my family.
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    Keen On Clean Fuel got a reaction from SchrodingersCat in Feeling better after reintro than on round?   
    In my experience, some people need a bit more time than the 30 days depending on what they have going on in their bodies.  Maybe your body just needed a little bit longer this go 'round to reset and get to that tiger blood
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    Keen On Clean Fuel reacted to Pandora Black in Pandora’s Whole 30 log   
    Doctors appointment today, and it went great! My blood pressure went from high to normal it was 120/70! I have lost 15 lbs as well (I knew it had to be significant because my pants are too big now). I know you’re not supposed to weigh yourself but they always weigh you at this doctor. Also I’m off Prilosec, I’m no longer nauseous...ever. Even my back pain is better.
    The Whole 30 works, y’all.
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    Keen On Clean Fuel reacted to C_Cezeaux in Anyone for a group start in the next week? Repeat offender headed for Rehab. ;)   
    End of week 1! That's the hardest part of the timeline for me. Not that the rest is super easy, but nothing like the groggy fatigue of week one. 
    Going to have to heavily rely on pre-prepped veg from the local grocery store - thank goodness they have a good produce dept. The dairy free coleslaw was quick, easy, and tasty, so it goes in my lunch again this week. I can alternate shrimp and eggs to make it more of a salad, have avocados at the ready. Boom. Lunches planned.
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    Keen On Clean Fuel reacted to ShannonM816 in Protein/Fruit/Nuts   
    Eggs are a great protein source.
    Broccoli, brussel sprouts, almonds, and pumpkin seeds are all fine to have, but none are really complete protein sources. Broccoli and brussel sprouts would count as vegetables, and all nuts and seeds are considered fats (except peanuts which are legumes and not allowed on whole30). 
    Psychologically, we would encourage you not to think of fruit as dessert, at least not on a daily basis, especially if you currently feel meals are not complete without something sweet to end them. That's more about changing how you think about food. There's nothing inherently wrong with having fruit, or even with occasionally having it as dessert on a special occasion, but you should think about how you currently feel about dessert and if breaking a habit of having them or just getting over your sweet tooth in general is something important to you.
    Pre-wo is somewhat individualized. If the handful of nuts or seeds is working for you, it's fine to keep doing that. Here's more about the latest guidelines for pre and post-workout foods: