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  1. I was lucky enough last year to find Organic Imagine Chicken, Beef and Vegetable paste (no added sugar) at a local natural food store but they have stopped carrying it. I think the company may have discontinued because their products are now only broths and soups. I cant find a 'no sugar added' paste anywhere online. I like to keep some in my pantry because I make a wonderful sauce to drizzle over meats. Anyone found any paste or have any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. I apologize. I did not mean to come across as such. The rules are important to follow the first 30 days. I have just never been into crepes, so I couldn't understand the association with egg thins. I am still learning...
  3. I guess if you are really into crepes, pancakes, waffles and muffins, it might pose a trigger. Since those things are not a trigger for me or my hubby, I will continue to use them to hold our sausage, egg and hash browns, topped with salsa (all sugar free of course) and my ham and turkey slices with saurkraut. ;-)
  4. But it is still a wrap, even if you make your own crepe. I dont get it. It is EGG, has no flours and easier to hold your meats than lettuce. I never ate crepes before Whole30, so these egg things are in no way triggering a pancake or waffle replacement for me and are more convenient than making your own egg crepe (double standard), as suggested.
  5. I top my spaghetti squash with a spaghetti sauce, like a replacement for pasta. Tastes great.
  6. I agree doing the Whole30 as instructed the first go round is really important. That was the only way I figured out what my digestive system doesn't like. My new way of eating on a daily basis beyond 30 days is going well. Cravings have subsided and my colon is happy!
  7. I initially bought the Primal dressings but found sugar in the ones I purchased. Now, I buy Tessemae's which has none. It may have been the type Primal dressings I was purchasing and not looking at the actual ingredients.
  8. So awesome! Congrats to you! You and conversed a while back regarding power fuel while hiking and backpacking. I didnt figure this out until last week, (unfortunately, after my backpacking trip),but now know I can eat dried figs with compliant nuts and dried fruits. Fits nicely in my pockets while hiking and not having to stop to eat. Energy and muscle to help me with backpacking and climbing those Colorado 14ers. I am happy you found your energy on the Whole30 to climb that mountain!
  9. I found compliant Nuttzo at Costco. Nice sub for peanut butter. Use it on celery sticks, too. And Shannon provided you with the answer to your question. ☹
  10. Just wanted you ladies to know I am finally figuring everything out. Thanks so much for your help. For the past few months, I have designated most of my pantry shelves to Whole 30 compliant foods and in my fridge. Also created an Excel spreadsheet with all my favorite compliant foods and ingredients that includes columns with the store names I purchased them, either local or online eliminating redoing research and adding to the spreadsheet compliant items as I find them. Makes eating healthier ongoing so much easier!
  11. I did stop by Trader Joe's today. Their concentrate contained maltdextrose (not sure of spelling) as well as sugar. I finally found tubes of both veggie and chicken concentrate paste 'Organic Imagine' at a little local natural food store. It does have potato starch, but I found where potato starch is now on the approved list. YAY! I am excited now I can create my sauces for my meats. Simple recipe that adds so much flavor to meat. My daughter was so impressed she said it looked like a gourmet meal.
  12. In 2018 I started ordering Hello Fresh means. These were not for Whole30 but for convenience. They had a sauce recipe to drizzle over pork, beef etc that was excellent, almost made the meal gourmet looking. I am trying to recreate that recipe to include no added sugar. It consists of: shallots, balsamic vinegar, chicken stock concentrate and the fruit jam. After going to 6 grocery stores in town, I finally found the compliant concentrate in tubes from 'Organic Imagine' from a small local natural food store and no, couldnt find it at Trader Joe's. So now I have to figure out the jam part. I pic