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    DonnaGail got a reaction from jakefishful in Pancakes/Trail food   
    Right.  I realized the freeze dried meals have corn and the other one has rice 'after' I purchased the meals, so I will eat them on the trail to use them up.  I am not trying to start the Whole30, I am trying to 'live by' the Whole30 all the time as a lifestyle change.  But with my daily activity level, it's been hard to find foods that are compliant that give me the energy needed like backpacking 70 miles with a 45 pd pack up and down mountains and valleys.  I am trying to stick to as much of Whole30 as I can on a regular basis.  The meals I have been cooking for home the past 1.5 months are all Whole30.  I have been doubling the recipe and freezing half the meal to use at a later time when I don't have time to cook.  
    What I am finding, is that the Whole30 is really not possible all the time, depending on activity. 
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    DonnaGail reacted to Jihanna in Fig, Apricot or other Jam recipes?   
    I forget which thread it was in, but somewhere here on the forums there had been a question about using jams during Whole30 for certain cooking reasons, and they'd shared a peach jam from Amazon which was sweetened only with fruit juice. I checked that company's offerings, and they have a Royal Fig Jam that is also only sweetened by fruit juice (grape and date), which might work for you in this if you want something you can buy rather than something you can make.
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    DonnaGail reacted to Jihanna in Can i have Crepini Egg Thins?   
    @DonnaGail When a question is posted here in the "Can I Have?" forum, it's generally because the poster is on-round and wants to know if they can use it during Whole30. The official Whole30 stance on recreations like this is that they're off-limits for everyone on round, even those who "don't have a problem" with those foods. That's the filter that gets applied to questions here, to determine whether a thing is on-plan or should be held until one is exploring food freedom... because it's safe to assume that the person asking is either mid-round at the time or plans to be on-round soon and is trying to prepare.
    Hope that helps to clarify why we're so adamant that the Crepini Egg Thins are definitely not allowed during a round, but could be useful during food freedom  
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    DonnaGail reacted to Jihanna in Pancakes/Trail food   
    Just a quick note, because I think it might bear saying to avoid confusion -- my previous post is not in any way directed at the original poster. The OP was trying to get some ideas regarding trail food that follows the Whole30 food group restrictions while possibly (but not necessarily) following the W30 guidelines; this coming after having successfully completed a Whole30 round and liking how her body feels when the restricted food groups are removed, but wanting to have a convenient (and light) way of carrying additional protein on the trail. That's totally understandable, and seems to me like that's part of learning to ride her own bike -- she's taking what works well for her into her everyday life, allowing for some flexibility because sometimes life demands that (and darnit, sometimes we just plain need it).
    My previous post was directed specifically at the idea of planning a "Whole30" round with the mindset that the rules don't matter, because they really do, especially for people who have never done an elimination diet and may be struggling with severe food relationship issues.
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    DonnaGail reacted to True Primal in Pancakes/Trail food   
    Chomps are definitely "power fuel" in my mind, also Nick's Sticks.
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    DonnaGail reacted to Amura in Fig, Apricot or other Jam recipes?   
    You can make jam without sugar, in smaller amounts.
    Sugar is a preservative, that's why it's added to jam in such a large amount (usually as much sugar as fruit).
    If you do not mean to preserve it, you don't really need the sugar.
    Well, you would usually cook your fruit with a little bit of water on a low setting until soft. You may blend it if you'd like the consistency better.
    I've never used dried figs, you may need to re-hydrate them beforehand or add more water to the pot while cooking.
    Of course it would not be as sweet as your usual sugary jam.
    You can add a bit of cinnamon, it's a sweet spice, if you like it.
    But if you are into cooking, I would suggest that you confit your shallots - they will bring sweetness to your dish.
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    DonnaGail reacted to SugarcubeOD in Fig, Apricot or other Jam recipes?   
    Some people might have some tips but you might get more responses and better help if you post specific cooking questions on a cooking website.  I think if you tell them that you want to make a fig jam with no sugar they'd probably be able to give you hints and tips.  You can definitely post here but often specific cooking questions don't get a lot of responses.
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    DonnaGail reacted to kirbz in Fig, Apricot or other Jam recipes?   
    I know this isn't really what you were looking for, but I LOVE Mel Joulwan and found two recipes from her that use figs: 
    Moroccan Steak Salad with Fig and Pistachio Dressing:  Moroccan Sirloin with Fig-Pistachio Butter: 
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    DonnaGail reacted to ShannonM816 in Fig, Apricot or other Jam recipes?   
    Asking in a cooking website is a good suggestion. They'd probably have suggestions, especially if you want to make larger batches of it to keep on hand.
    I don't know how comfortable you are winging things in the kitchen, but I would probably just dice the figs and saute them in some coconut oil. You could maybe add some spices -- cinnamon, maybe some ginger. When they're nice and soft, smush them up, strain if you think you need to for seeds, and then use that for your jam. If your figs don't seem very sweet, you could add a splash of apple juice and let it reduce down as the figs cook.
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    DonnaGail got a reaction from Jihanna in Whole 30 Shopping List - Confusing   
    Just wanted you ladies to know I am finally figuring everything out. Thanks so much for your help. For the past few months, I have designated most of my pantry shelves to Whole 30 compliant foods and in my fridge. Also created an Excel spreadsheet with all my favorite compliant foods and ingredients that includes columns with the store names I purchased them, either local or online eliminating redoing research and adding to the spreadsheet compliant items as I find them. Makes eating healthier ongoing so much easier! 
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    DonnaGail got a reaction from kirbz in Planning to start September 1. Are you?   
    So awesome! Congrats to you! You and conversed a while back regarding power fuel while hiking and backpacking. I didnt figure this out until last week, (unfortunately, after my backpacking trip),but now know I can eat dried figs with compliant nuts and dried fruits. Fits nicely in my pockets while hiking and not having to stop to eat. Energy and muscle to help me with backpacking and climbing those Colorado 14ers. I am happy you found your energy on the Whole30 to climb that mountain!
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    DonnaGail got a reaction from Angelia in Keto to Whole30 and hungry ALL THE TIME   
    I started cooking Whole30 meals about 3 months prior to starting Whole30 which I am doing mostly for my husband to lose weight. I did mine about 3 yrs ago and have maintained my weight. Not wanting to cook every night, I made lots of meals and froze the ones that could freeze or froze the part of the recipe that could freeze or we ate left overs the following night. He told me be has not been hungry yet after two weeks. I have also been creating an Excel spreadsheet to include all compliant foods and where to find them. I have dedicated several pantry shelves and my refrigerator with nothing but compliant foods. It is starting to get so easy to not only do the Whole30 but continue eating healthy foods that contain no sugars. When I go outside house, I always bring snacks with me. I went to an outdoor music venue on Wed. Prior to going in, I rolled up 2 egg and cauliflower crepes (from Costco) with a slice of turkey (from US Wellness Meats) and saerkraut. When I entered the venue, instead of alcohol, I ordered a cup of ice water and added my own shot of cranberry juice (the kind that says no added sugar) and a shot of lemon juice. I felt comfortable hanging out with the other drinkers. I wasn't hungry and had no problem skipping the hot dogs and nachos the venue offered for purchase. It is really about researching and preparing ahead of time.
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    DonnaGail got a reaction from Angelia in Heavy legs and unable to run for anymore than 4Km   
    Figs! Power fuel food. Just discovered them at Costco. Mix with compliant nuts, raisans,  (Sunmade brand), dried craisins, raisins, etc. Was a lifesaver for me during hiking and backpacking.
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    DonnaGail reacted to kirbz in Planning to start September 1. Are you?   
    Oh. My Goodness. I just made an absolutely delicious recipe last night! So I wanted to share! 
    Pork Lo Mein from Paleo Running Momma:
    I doubled the sauce amounts and it was absolutely delicious! Even my fiance who isn't doing Whole30 and who doesn't like sweet potato actually loved it! He said he's looking forward to leftovers for lunch today!
    I hope everyone is doing well and going strong! I'm on Day 14 and carbing up for a three-day backpacking and alpine climbing adventure starting tomorrow! I'm going to really miss those summit Peanut M&Ms, but I'm committed to doing this! 
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    DonnaGail reacted to kirbz in Planning to start September 1. Are you?   
    I wanted to take a moment to share a huge NSV! I'm an aspiring alpine climber, but not particularly fit, strong, or skilled. I'm also overweight. Just a few pounds ago and I was technically in the obese category based on BMI. 
    I had a big climb planned for Monday, which was Day 8 of my Whole30 journey. This was going to be my longest climb with the most elevation gain (10+ pitches with over 2,000 feet of climbing and topping out at 10,306 feet). I had done a different climb a few weeks prior and it was so, so hard. I almost couldn't finish. Despite all the training and effort I had put into it. It was actually that climb that inspired  me to start Whole30. Because I had been doing everything right except nutrition. Which finally convinced me that I can't be the kind of fit I want to be without that part. Enter Whole30.
    But this one was great!  I felt strong. I never doubted I could finish it. I wasn't completely and utterly exhausted on the hike out. It was a total and complete joy! 
    I don’t know if my hard work is finally paying off, if I’m turning the corner toward Tiger Blood, or if I just fueled right, but I’m so, so happy to finally see changes happening in the mountains.  
    Here's a photo of me at the top of Tenaya Peak in Yosemite National Park! 

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    DonnaGail reacted to SchrodingersCat in Whole30 Basic Mayo   
    Ah, I think being from Australia, we don't have the salmonella issue with eggs that the US does, so it's never on my radar.
    Off topic, does anyone else think that Salmonella sounds like a gangster from the Al Capone era? "Al's colleagues were all unsavoury, and dangerous to some degree, but one of them, he was a terror. No one knew where he'd strike, and you could take precautions, but you never really knew where he'd spring from. His name was Sal, Sal Monella. Most people tried to avoid him, but if he ever came into your life, he'd go through you like a dose of salts. Sometimes he got caught... but he never stayed caught for long. Either he'd vanish in the night or, sometimes... sometimes those who caught him didn't make it"
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    DonnaGail reacted to Jihanna in Whole30 Basic Mayo   
    Any recipe I've seen has always suggested using homemade mayo within a week or so of making it, but the official Google answer for "How long does homemade mayo last in the fridge?" is 2 weeks. Hope that helps
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    DonnaGail reacted to kirbz in Carbs needed for energy   
    @Lorna from Canada Wow, thank you so much for the thoughtful and thorough response! I'm definitely dedicated to giving this a go! I really want to do stuff like kale chips and other variations of vegetables because most backcountry meals have very, very few of those and I always crave them! I'd be curious to hear more about how you do the coleslaw vegetables! And I'm also going to try cauliflower rice! 
    Your comment about the Ramen kids made me laugh. Haha. Though I don't think I have to worry about that! I don't do National Parks (we have dogs and my babies aren't welcome in NPs) and we generally seek out less crowded spots so the dogs can enjoy offleash freedom! I'm pretty sure no one will be smelling our meals, let along ogling them! LOL. 
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    DonnaGail reacted to ShannonM816 in Whole 30 Shopping List - Confusing   
    I think @Jihanna answered everything you were asking about, but if there's something else, let us know.
    I did want to say, you don't have to buy every single thing on the grocery list right away. You can meal plan some meals and just buy what you need for those meals, then add a new ingredient or two in a week or two. It is absolutely okay to keep things simple. Some people love coconut aminos, some don't think they're worth it, and you can definitely live without them. Even recipes that call for them aren't usually based on them, you're just adding some for flavor, and you can skip them and maybe add a little more salt or other seasonings. 
    You can end up spending a lot of money trying to buy everything, and then end up with stuff you don't use, so try to keep things simple at first.