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    Chipotle hack!!!

    Woohoooo Chipotle hack...ask them to grill you some chicken fresh using the sunflower oil instead of rice bran oil. They will gladly accommodate you! Not a fan of carnitas. They season it fresh and do not marinate their chicken!
  2. Locsnlashes

    Whole30 and Five Guys

    I went to chipotle and they weren’t more than willing to make me fresh chicken and use the sunflower oil! I don’t like carnitas and my wife is allergic to pork. Yassss!
  3. Hi I’m Sondra, I turned 40 this year and my personal life and relationships are perfect, my health and work, not so much... I’m a nurse and suffering from whole body inflammation for the past 11 yrs. My lymph nodes are swelling at an alarming rate that they think I have lymphoma...my spouse, who is also a nurse, is convinced I have a terrible gut related autoimmune disease that is causing my body to be in constant fight mode. My spleen also has lesions meaning infection is present. I did contract c.diff about 3 yrs ago and have not tested positive again for that after taking the antibiotics but now cannot tolerate gluten. I have chronic fatigue, pain and generalized body aches. In the past month I have had severe, almost debilitating abdominal pain. I am trying The Whole 30 for just 30 days for these reasons: 1. To reset my gut health 2. Decrease inflammation 3. Free my mind and reduce my stress about food. I am going to start R1D1 on 6/1/19. Wish me luck!!! -Sondra
  4. Locsnlashes

    LocsnLashes W30: Byebye Inflammation

    So i have started , i am on day 2, woke up with a terrible headache that lasted all day. HANGOVER HANGOVER! I’m feeling better now and at work for a few hours. Going back to bed soon as i get home. What a weird feeling. My food has been good and totally satisfying. Just feel weird , maybe its full on sugar withdrawal which is insane!
  5. Locsnlashes

    LocsnLashes W30: Byebye Inflammation

    I’m worried as I’m prepping for my start up that I can’t eat tomatoes d/t severe gastritis. I can’t tolerate spicy or acidic foods at all. That will limit some of the toppings on my already cheese less meals. This is going to take some adjustment. I will be making the mayo and ranch dressings, but will need some alternate toppings at the ready.