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    If you have financial bandwidth for a RealPlans subscription, it is worth every penny. I have a long list of items I cannot eat and the app lets me select which items to always exclude. Good luck with your prep!
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    Try Dukkah! There are so many blends, or you can make your own with your favourites. I LOVE pistachio dukkah, spicy cashew dukkah, Egyptian Dukkah... you need to check ingredients, obviously, but it's just such a yummy addition to veggies, side dishes, or over meat. I also mix it into meatballs and salmon patties for flavour and texture.
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    This recipe is listed here as a granola-like snack, but in one of her Well Fed cookbooks, the author presents it as a topping/spice blend -- you would make it as described here, and then in a food processor or blender (or even just with a knife), you chop it until it's a kind of coarse powder, and then sprinkle it on cooked vegetables or salads or mix it into ground meat:  http://meljoulwan.com/2012/12/31/savory-paleo-snack-mix/. It's a little labor intensive and you have to really keep an eye on it in the oven to make sure it doesn't burn, but it adds a nice flavor without being spicy.
    You might look for nightshade-free sauces as well -- they won't have tomatoes or any kind of peppers (here's an explanation of what nightshades are:  https://www.thepaleomom.com/what-are-nightshades/). 
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    I haven't tracked a single thing on my W30s beyond keeping a log here of my general experiences and thoughts. I'm a WWsurvivor of many decades and I am just over tracking. Here's been my W30 approach:
    If I am hungry, I eat things from the W30 template. Then I stop. 
    I also haven't planned ahead other than having enough compliant foods on hand all the time so, when I get hungry, I can eat from the W30 template.
    That's it.