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    This thread will document the things I do to get back on track with the best healthy eating plan I have found, the Whole 30! I finished my second W30 in Feb. but life spun out of control and I don't think a 2 week reset will yank my mind back to being in control. Here are the steps I have to go through to make sure I am focused and committed - no excuses.
    #1 I have my eating plan in place. This is more than a menu for the first week, it involves the shopping and the cookup plans.  This motivates me and gets me focused.
    #2 I print out the 30 day what to expect calendar and put it on the fridge. 
    #3 I start my day by day journal.
    #4 I take my weight and waist measurement plus set my goals.
    #5 I set my non-scale tracking goals and celebrations.
    All of this may sound time intensive but it is the way things make an impression on me. I also choose to keep a written journal because I commit better when I see it, feel it, write it and live it - victories and challenges both.  The only problem with a planned reset like this after I have fallen off the healthy lifestyle is that  the few days leading up to the reset are blowouts!
    More coming
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    Hang in there! I felt terrible for a solid 10 days. Then it was like someone flipped a switch and suddenly I felt way better!
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    We have the same start day--and I'm feeling pretty crappy today too. Here's to doing better, and feeling better soon!