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  1. I have an out of town event this weekend followed by my brother's graduation next weekend so I know it's futile to start till after that. In the meantime I'll be cutting out soda, weaning off of sweets, and trying out some recipes. My husband is on keto so our dinners are pretty close to on board already, it's just having food at work that will be a struggle for me. I'm going to try and have leftovers as often as possible. I've started Whole30 in the past a couple years ago and only made it about 10 days but I noticed a huge difference in that time. I'd like to change my relationship with food, and stop using it to solve boredom and eating feelings. I binge and hide my evidence from others and it's just ridiculous that I've gotten to that point. I'm embarrassed and ashamed and I need to change that. Today I had a dr pepper, a coke, part of a milkshake, a venti white chocolate mocha, some cookies, and frozen lunch, literally no water. What the heck. I'm going to drink some water now out of guilt.