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  1. Boriqua

    Whole 30 compliant

    Phew, awesome. Yes it makes complete sense now, I was under the understanding you had to start from scratch. Nonetheless, I'm going in for the finish line. I'm on 2nd wk but was planning on extending an extra week. Thank you and yes starting to feel a little better.
  2. Boriqua

    Whole 30 compliant

    Good Morning Sugar cube, thank you. Getting more useful info for future after whole 30. The ingredients on the other one are these, also I'm so freaked out I have a flu or bad cough and my husband game me cough medicine come to find out had alcohol and high fructose corn syrup? Had the worst painful headache yesterday like never before? I am so upset but I'm going to have to start over to rcve full benefits. I'm getting so much wealth of information by partaking in this journey and how I thought I was eating clean before was a farce.
  3. Boriqua

    Whole 30 compliant

    Pls forgive me still working on perfecting the forum questions.
  4. Boriqua

    Protien Shakes and smoothies

    Thank you Shannon, 2nd wk going strong still ironing out menus and snacks. Made a Costco Run. My husband and I are taking this journey together.
  5. Are any allowed? I'm in gym 5 days a week.
  6. Boriqua

    Organifi Superfoods powder?

    Thank You