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    Day 1 of FFF

    Finished W30, woohoo! I almost chucked it in around day 7 and again day 25 though, having small kids who love baking is a killer! So what did I eat for my very first off-W30 meal? Fried eggs, 3 cups of sautéed veg and half avocado The one huge thing I've learned over the past 30 days is that a template breakfast suits me amazingly well and keeps me going for a good 6h - a necessity since Mon-Sat my gap between breakfast and lunch is 6-7 hours. I wasn't even tempted to change this meal! Planning on having home-made broad bean hummus (with our own broad beans and garlic, yum) with lunch, and a spoonful of natural peanut butter (100% peanuts) with either lunch or dinner. Then 2 days' washout, then probably peas and beans or maybe lentils. I'm trying to re-intro a bit slower than the fast-roll, but need to have it done within 3 weeks as I'm flying out to my brother's wedding, so will hopefully have my sensitivities sorted by then. He's getting married in Vietnam, and the whole menu is completely compliant (except for perhaps condiments) so yay! I'm amazed that I did not dive face first into cake and biscuits today, long may that continue! Though the day's not over yet
  2. I hope you all don't mind me writing this down here, I'm trying to keep track of how things are going as I'm sure I'll forget the details by day 30! Apart from one oopsie with sausages (as per my other post), I've been 100% compliant, I will be continuing to day 35 as a consequence but for morale reasons am still calling this day 7 (plus I would be massively surprised if wheat/gluten turns out to be my problem, but I guess you never know). 3 meals per day, only 1 snack out of desperation on a day with an 8h gap between lunch and dinner. Only drinking water, close to 2L per day, with the odd half cup of green tea (maybe once every 2 days). The meals seem to be keeping me full for 5-6h without any problems, though it took some time to get used to the "empty" feeling in my stomach and not think of it as hunger. I'm a chronic snacker usually, and am used to constantly having a biscuit here and a bit of chocolate there, result of stress/habit - one I'm trying to break! I actually feel good! 1. The last 3 days I woke up before my alarm, and actually felt fairly energetic, whereas I usually have to drag myself out of bed and it takes me about an hour to be awake enough to function. 2. I've also not felt weak and dizzy and starving in the mornings the way I usually do (and by usually I mean pretty much constantly since I was a teenager, so we're talking almost 30y here). I've always had to have breakfast ASAP after getting up, and it usually involved something carby. 3. My skin looks much better 4. I haven't been dizzy or light headed even once for the whole week, and that's usually 1-2 times per day occurrence. And no headaches either. I'm mainly crediting the cold turkey break-up with sugar and coke (I was really overdoing both) for the improvements thus far! I'm still getting tired later in the day, but not as crushingly exhausted as I have been prior to W30. The only downside is that I'm pretty sure I've gained weight, and it's not just bloating - all my trousers feel tight over the legs/backside, which is not awesome but I can cope with it for a bit. Am considering reducing my portions slightly as the amounts seem to be working quite well for keeping me full - there are some meals when I'm not really hungry (but eat anyway), unless I've gone over a 6h gap. Looking forward to the next 7 days!
  3. Thank you very much! I felt back to normal by the following morning so tested your theory and ate the rest of the cauliflower mixture for breakfast (without the pesky sausages! ) - similar problem, but a bit less intense, presumably due to a smaller portion of cauliflower compared to the night before. I do love brassicas in general, but have been eating more of them this week than usual. Thank you
  4. For a bit of background: I'm 41yo, have 4 kids 5.5y and under, own and work in a business with long hours (12h days), have hypothyroidism and PCOS. The littlest one was weaned in January at 18mo, and also started sleeping through the night at that point (finally!), and all the stuff I'd been putting down to lack of sleep/breastfeeding (headaches, daily dizziness, hair falling out leaving bald patches, skin breakouts, extreme tiredness, always cold, really bad anxiety) has actually become even worse so I can't blame it on the baby any more! Had some blood tests, apart from borderline iron levels (and this is good for me, I often have low iron and mild anaemia) everything checks out fine. I'm not really overweight, but have always been shall we say sturdy :), my BMI is 24. I've not been losing weight, actually probably gained about a kg in the last few weeks. I don't weigh myself much (too much baggage there), and generally go by how my clothes feel. I decided to do Whole30 mainly to help me cut out coke and sugar and see how much of an effect that would have on the above symptoms. I'd been getting through the days using coke (about 2 cans per day) and sugar (biscuits, chocolate etc) to see me through, often not having time or energy to get proper meals when work is busy and stressful. When I'm home with the kids (3d per week) I do better, because we do actually cook from scratch 95% of the time, and grow a lot of our own fruit and veg, but even on good meal days I find myself snacking on sugary things all the time as well. This is day 5, and I've been 100% compliant, cut everything out cold turkey. I expected massive headaches for the first few days, but I've felt fine - still tired but no worse than usual, but no headaches and also no dizziness! Can't remember the last time I went 5 days straight with no dizzy spells. Anyway, as part of tonight's dinner I had 2 sausages - work finished late, I was starving, and it never occurred to me to check the label on the sausage packet until after I'd eaten - stupid really, but of course there was wheat in the sausages. So yes, I have to start again, but the point of the story is that I'm now bloated, with painful stomach cramps and burping. This NEVER happened to me before in response to meals of any sort! The rest of the meal included 2/3 of a roast cauliflower, 2 grated carrots and 2 sautéed red onions (small ones) all mixed together with a tahini/lemon/olive oil dressing and a spoonful of compliant mayo. This exact veg mix I'd eaten for 2 meals 2 days ago as well, so it shouldn't be that. For the rest of the day's meals: M1: leftover roast chicken breast from the night before, broccolini/onion/capsicum/mushrooms/chard sautéed in olive oil, compliant mayo. M2: big salad with lettuce, capsicum, cucumber with olive oil/balsamic dressing, half avocado, 5 olives, large can of tuna (145g, think that's 5oz) I have eaten the above meals at least once before during these 5 days with no stomach troubles. I'm only drinking water (almost 2 litres per day), with occasional half cup of green tea (maybe once every 2 days). No snacks. I'm generally not hungry between meals, except when the gap goes over 6h (which has happened 3 times, usually work related). So what is going on with these stomach cramps and bloating? The obvious thing is to say wheat in sausages, but I've never had a reaction like this before, and I was a huge carbs eater! The only other thing I can think of is that maybe I went too long without food (it was 7h between lunch and dinner) and just overloaded an empty stomach. And probably ate too fast because I was super hungry. Thank you if you've managed to get this far!