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    Finished W30, woohoo! I almost chucked it in around day 7 and again day 25 though, having small kids who love baking is a killer!
    So what did I eat for my very first off-W30 meal? Fried eggs, 3 cups of sautéed veg and half avocado  The one huge thing I've learned over the past 30 days is that a template breakfast suits me amazingly well and keeps me going for a good 6h - a necessity since Mon-Sat my gap between breakfast and lunch is 6-7 hours. I wasn't even tempted to change this meal!
    Planning on having home-made broad bean hummus (with our own broad beans and garlic, yum) with lunch, and a spoonful of natural peanut butter (100% peanuts) with either lunch or dinner. Then 2 days' washout, then probably peas and beans or maybe lentils. I'm trying to re-intro a bit slower than the fast-roll, but need to have it done within 3 weeks as I'm flying out to my brother's wedding, so will hopefully have my sensitivities sorted by then. He's getting married in Vietnam, and the whole menu is completely compliant (except for perhaps condiments) so yay! 
    I'm amazed that I did not dive face first into cake and biscuits today, long may that continue!  Though the day's not over yet