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  1. MissWendy

    Black beans bad fad?

    On page 46 of "The Whole 30", it says "Not missing tofu, black beans, cottage cheese or pasta" With evidence pointing towards these foods making you less healthy..." I was a bit shocked to see black beans in that list. I read Gundry's book (actually returned it - over his program being so restrictive "had" to take his supplements, and then I got to the part when he talked about curing stage 4 cancer with his program - yeah, no.) Anyway, I'm aware of the lectin thing. But I also read that pressure cooker preparation deals with that. I was also surprised in the reintro section to see soy products re-introduced on the same day as beans and peanut butter. Thoughts? Anybody who's really up on the science?
  2. I'll be in Dahlonega Georgia in a few weeks, for 4 days. It's a workshop with a group, and there will undoubtedly be some dining out after stuff. Anybody know the area? Have any Whole-able places to recommend?
  3. I just sorted my "herbal" teas, and was floored at how many of the ones listing extra flavors (like orange or whatever) contained Soy Lecithin. It does make the giving-away part a lot easier that they're individually packaged. Although on the environmental front... Big Sigh. But throwing them out also wouldn't get all that packaging back.
  4. MissWendy

    Freezer Meals

    Rather than 1-container meals, can you grab parts from the freezer during your recovery? I see a lot of recipes for meat dishes that would clearly freeze well. Then for your vegetables I'm finding good grocery store options for frozen veggies, including some that are mixed vegetables, and still compliant. Make some ranch dressing ahead, or whatever for your plated fat. iow - make your meal prep minimal, just not one-pot.
  5. Update - turns out the secret handshake is to look for "Cooking Stock", not "broth". And still read. Swanson Cooking Stock - Chicken appears to be 100% compliant, the beef only theoretically compliant not so much clean. But - their beef stock - has that Yeast Extract. Fortunately, I just need chicken for now. And it's easier to get beef bones for making stock than to get chicken bones without roasting a chicken.
  6. MissWendy


    I'm also new, but I can totally answer this. You're not taking in enough fuel, and too much is sugar. It's compliant sugar, but it's still carbohydrate - which turn to sugar in your body. Prunes, clementines, sweet potatoes - that's three things that your body turns to sugar pretty quickly. Even though sweet potatoes are a "vegetable" and compliant, they're a starchy vegetables. All fruits have naturally occurring (compliant) sugar, but it's still sugar - hence the "occasional fruit" part of the program. Fat and protein take longer to digest, giving you more sustained energy, fewer peaks and valleys. Yet a see precious little protein. If I google "how much protein in a handful of almonds" I find that 10 almonds is 2.5 grams of protein. You need 15-19 grams of protein per meal bare minimum, from what I understand (ask a Doctor, of course). I doubt if you add up everything in this meal that you'll be even halfway there. Lots of things have a little protein, so it is possible to get there as a vegan, but you gotta be strategic and eat lots! For instance, a whole sweet potatoe - 1.6. It's "only" 1.6, the only's can add up. Other more experienced may think differently, but if you're "hangry", your hungry and deprived. Feed yourself! You look like you've got the vegetables well covered. I'd add more protein and more fat. Whether that's more nuts or what - is for you to decide. But up front in the beginning here, do a little research into just how much protein is in what, so that you're non-meat cobbling together adds up to enough. And don't be afraid of more fat for fuel and satisfaction. You're not where near close to any danger zone with the fat. I've discovered the joys of cashew and almond butter. Slather that on carrot sticks and you have lots of chew and lots of fill-er-up. Others have mentioned pumpkin seeds etc - that can be mixed into things (so you don't feel like you're eating all the same-same). btw - for conversion to sugar in your body, sweet potatoes are better than white potatoes (ie, take longer) and have more vitamins - so good on you for that choice.
  7. MissWendy


    First - imho, you're talking about such a restrictive program, you should get some medical guidance. I'm new to this program (day 3), but not new to nutrition or the repercussions of deficiencies. A google search provides a variety of recommendations for protein intake. I see no recommendations lower than 46 grams a day. And I've had recommendations up to 100! There are some pretty good free on-line calculators that would let you know for sure how much you're getting, which can help if you're cobbling your protein together from multiple sources. I used to use Sparkpeople.com, which let's you track any nutrients you need or want to track. B12 for vegetarians for instance. Someone mentioned mushrooms as a protein source. Not only do you wish to exclude them, but there's not a lot of protein in mushrooms. Most are 2-3 grams per cup. So for non-meat sources, definitely check by specific food and the specific variety of that food. Some dairy products are higher than you'd think, and some nuts are lower than you'd think. A little homework will let you stay in charge and be healthy!
  8. Thanks guys. The "inner web" seems to think "chicken flavor" is just concentrated chicken. So ahead of having time to cook a chicken (and then make broth...) - I'm going with the one that's got "natural chicken flavor". And - I'm on this originally to try and deal with headaches. So I do believe you are right that whether yeast extract is strictly forbidden or not, steering clear of any glutamate is the ticket here.
  9. I found a commercial broth, Campbells, that has only one ingredient that might be suspect. It says "chicken flavor". Compliant or no? And I find a College Inn one that has "yeast extract" in it and says "no msg added*" - and the asterisk says "a small amount of glutamate occurs naturally in yeast extract". Compliant or no? And then one more that's clean except for "dextrose". What is that? it sounds sugary... There are some recipes I'd like to make before I'll have a chance to roast a chicken, make broth.
  10. MissWendy

    Don't over think this.

    Thank you and "I think I love you". I read the 7 day guide. Thought my head would explode. I don't cook anywhere near as much as that! And - I wanted to start right away. And then I read this quote. Said to myself, "Self, hit the points and if it's boring, it's boring. It's not like you were some Foodie to begin with!" So I'm hitting the protein, veg & 1 added fat per meal. If that means it's an Apple holding up my "added fat" in the form of some Almond Butter at lunch, well an Apple it is. And I just got my "Whole 30 Fast & Easy" - that will help. Pictures! And a lot of the recipes sound very tasty. So maybe I'll try to start actually cooking (meaning more than 3 ingredients at a time, even some spices!!!) a couple of times a week. I think rather than look for lots of interest in my food, the key for me will be to keep busy. Idle hands for me are what reach for unfortunate foods. And I already know that I have an epic strength Sugar Dragon. So the bananas are going to have to be purchased one at a time (the slightly brown loners are cheaper anyway), and a "serving" will have to be half a banana at a time!
  11. I might be crazy, but I'm starting tomorrow, even though I have two trips planned that will overlap my 30 days. I think. I'm pretty sure. Just making shopping list now... Yeah, crazy? Both trips are painting workshops. I will benefit from both if my brain is working well, which it's not right now. I've had the oddest headache and severe afternoon fatigue for starting my third month now. MRI etc, no brain tumor or other scary thing. B12 and D deficiencies - being treated, seeing progress - but it's slow going. My doctor recommended Whole 30, as I have other signs of inflammation etc. She said at least give up dairy, and if you could meet my Sugar Dragon - oh my, she's a beast. Her name is Dammit Janet. So - damn the torpedoes, I'm diving in. I think. Looking for feedback? I figure I'm not going to get the most out of life, or these two workshops, if I'm half dead every afternoon anyway (my current state). And the first one falls within the possible "Tiger Blood" days. I'll have my own kitchen for both trips. They're not eating type vacations. They're doing things trips, with full day all-engrossing distraction. And if I want until after these - that's July - with periodontal surgery scheduled, which means pain killers... Seems like there just won't be a perfect time, so why not now? And if I derail and have to start over, I start over? Thoughts? Suggestions?