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  1. Rather than 1-container meals, can you grab parts from the freezer during your recovery? I see a lot of recipes for meat dishes that would clearly freeze well. Then for your vegetables I'm finding good grocery store options for frozen veggies, including some that are mixed vegetables, and still compliant. Make some ranch dressing ahead, or whatever for your plated fat. iow - make your meal prep minimal, just not one-pot.
  2. Thank you and "I think I love you". I read the 7 day guide. Thought my head would explode. I don't cook anywhere near as much as that! And - I wanted to start right away. And then I read this quote. Said to myself, "Self, hit the points and if it's boring, it's boring. It's not like you were some Foodie to begin with!" So I'm hitting the protein, veg & 1 added fat per meal. If that means it's an Apple holding up my "added fat" in the form of some Almond Butter at lunch, well an Apple it is. And I just got my "Whole 30 Fast & Easy" - that will help. Pictures! And a