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  1. I’m pretty sure the problems with kimchi have more to do with the capsaicin... spicy food makes me sick. Like, vomiting and nausea for hours afterward. I absolutely cannot have anything derived from chilis, it’s been like this since I was in my teens. It’s not so much heartburn/reflux, it’s more that anything carbonated seems to make me painfully bloated and burp-y, this is how I feel after drinking kombucha, sparkling water, champagne, sodas, etc.
  2. Thanks. I really wish Medicaid covered this... it’s way out of my financial abilities at the moment, but I’ll try to see someone by the end of the year when I can better afford it
  3. So I’m on R1D28! But... I quit my fiber supplements while on the program and now my irregularity issues and hemorrhoids are coming back. I though this diet would fix these things. Is there something I could be doing wrong? Also my candida came back. I quit yogurt so I’m wondering if probiotic supplements are needed. (Please don’t recommend kimchi, kombucha, fermented foods because they tend to give me gas and reflux.
  4. Yeah I wanted to place my faith in the process and see if new eating habits would fix it but no dice. I had a colonoscopy last fall for some back and forth irregularity, I don’t want to get too much into TMI... but it came up good so the doctor suspects I have a lazy colon/sphincter and there’s not much they could do except recommend fiber supplements, especially since my diet was already adequate in cruciferous veggies and greens Its so so nice to be home with my kitchen and control over my schedule and food options. I know that’s a little bit of a crutch and I’m supposed to be good at
  5. I’ve made it home and it was a huge stress/nightmare. Spend a lot of time eating things I don’t like because some restaurants are just jerks. My boyfriend is sick of hearing about Whole30. Thank god only 5 days left because I am so over this... also I now have poo problems because I quit my fiber supplements on w30
  6. I’m a singer and I can’t really get access to throat coat tea 24/7 plus it’s just a bit much for me to drink every other hour. I need a recommendation for throat lozenges to have throughout the day while I’m training for an upcoming performance. My singing teacher says it’s vital for the care and safety of my vocal chords... is there a least-bad or close-enough-to-compliant option out there? Does singing teacher rate up there with doctors in trumping whole30 guidelines? LOL Any other singers doing whole30 and have tips for throat care on-the-go?
  7. Hotel restaurant made me an amazing New York strip (hold the frites) and some steamed broccoli last night. I did a happy dance after dinner.
  8. Thanks! Well, breakfast of pre-cooked hard-boiled eggs, sugar snap peas and almonds made me almost barf but I choked it down anyway. Tomorrow I may not eat at all that was just so gross and started my morning in a really bad mood. I cannot believe I’m still subjecting myself to this on vacation No Chipotle for me, because they use chipotle peppers in all of the food, which I am allergic to
  9. Sadly, That woman’s blog has expired so the info is gone.
  10. Where do you find purse-friendly salad dressings? I’m actually okay with olive oil and salt only, but have yet to find single-serving packets or bottles of oil. (I leave the hotel at 9 am and not returning until 5 or 6 pm so I need shelf-stable options if possible)
  11. Hallelujah There is a Sweetgreen next to the hotel! *I love the guacamole idea but... all the premade guacamole I’ve ever seen has jalapeño or other spicy ingredient which I’m allergic to.
  12. Thanks all. I already got the hotel restaurant doing a Cobb salad hold the dressing and I’ll pick off what I can’t eat.
  13. I’m on R1Day20 and I am freaking out. About to board a flight to New York from Oakland for 5 days... I was able to pack a small sack dinner, but planned to get lunch at the airport. Sadly the only food option had too long of a line for me to wait in without missing my flight. this doesn’t bode well for a successful week... I only have a refrigerator in my room although there is a very good restaurant there with room service for breakfast, and they’ve accommodated some of my allergies in the past. We have a couple of dinner places scoped out but lunches are where I’m worried I will struggl