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    Oaklandish1 reacted to Jihanna in Super stressed, about to quit   
    I'm totally going to echo Shannon here. Eating out is HARD, especially if it's not a place that already kind of caters to dietary needs. Even the ones that offer Paleo options aren't always going to have something that works well for Whole30. No amount of doing this at home will be adequate preparation for doing it in a restaurant or while traveling, you just kind of have to do it (if necessary) and learn what works for you. Take the whole experience as a win!
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    Oaklandish1 reacted to Keen On Clean Fuel in Super stressed, about to quit   
    @Oaklandish1 -- Eating out does take a good bit of practice. Not to mention, it isn't always as satisfying since we have so many limitations while on Whole30.  Any progress you were able to make is commendable progress and I don't think you should discount that.  It's all about the small steps and small victories in my book  
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    Oaklandish1 reacted to kirbz in Super stressed, about to quit   
    I'm sorry for the struggles you had. I absolutely, 100% do not eat out on Whole except for an occasional Chipotle bowl. The thought of asking all the questions you have to ask to know something is compliant is way, way too overwhelming and stressful for me. When I travel, I do not eat Whole30. I make smart food choices. And I'm fortunate enough that reintroductions have shown me that I don't have any significant food sensitivities. But I don't even try to eat Whole30 on the road. And I would never do one when I had to be on the road (except camping, which keeps me in control of my food). It's just too much. 
    I share this because I hope you don't judge Whole30 on the experience of a traveling Whole30. It's so much harder. It's likely you inadvertently ate something you shouldn't have, which means you aren't realizing the full benefits of the program. And it's just plain stressful.  So yeah, I hope you give it a little more time and a chance for it to be less stressful for you! 
    Anyway, regardless of how you move forward, you have LOTS to be proud of we wish you the very best! 
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    Oaklandish1 reacted to Jihanna in Super stressed, about to quit   
    I would totally go back to the supplements, if needed, to correct issues like that... though thankfully my system tends to stay regular as long as I don't forget (or skip) my morning coffee.
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    Oaklandish1 got a reaction from Jihanna in Super stressed, about to quit   
    I’ve made  it home and it was a huge stress/nightmare. Spend a lot of time eating things I don’t like because some restaurants are just jerks. My boyfriend is sick of hearing about Whole30. Thank god only 5 days left because I am so over this... also I now have poo problems  because I quit my fiber supplements on w30 
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    Oaklandish1 reacted to Jihanna in Must use throat lozenges   
    doTERRA has a throat lozenge as well... neither theirs nor the Young Living one is something I'd recommend for use while singing, though, even beyond any concern regarding sweeteners.
    If you can find a good Elderberry lozenge, that's what I'd suggest as a stop-gap if it's just general soreness. If you're coughing a lot (so it's getting constantly irritated), you might need to go ahead and swallow the idea of using a cough suppressant rather than just lozenges... whether there's sugar/sweetener involved or not. You definitely don't need to be shredding your vocal chords for the sake of staying on plan, especially during a time when you're actively practicing.
    Sucking on ice and using hot tea in between times might also be helpful, though, so you won't need to have a lozenge in your mouth at every moment.
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    Oaklandish1 reacted to Erinj in Super stressed, about to quit   
    I do order my "purse ranch" through Tessamae's or their packets of dressings through Amazon, so for this trip that might be too hard, but for the future:) Like you, I am also OK with just olive oil and salt most of the time, and I think that's what will also be important to remember on this trip.........let good enough be good enough:) Stay compliant, but don't stress over it too much. If you have an Rx bar and a meat stick for breakfast one day (which is not ideal we know) let that be OK for that day, and try to add more veggies when you are eating somewhere where you can! Just stay compliant, you got this. Is there a Chipotle near you? They have an awesome Whole30 bowl!!!
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    Oaklandish1 got a reaction from Jihanna in Super stressed, about to quit   
    Hotel restaurant made me an amazing New York strip (hold the frites) and some steamed broccoli last night. I did a happy dance after dinner. 
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    Tessemae's brand does some packets of dressing, but you'd probably have to order online, so that's more something to remember for future trips.
    Wholly Guacamole brand makes some options that are just avocado, or avocado and salt, which you might find in the produce section or possibly frozen in a grocery store. They have a store finder on their web page:  https://www.eatwholly.com/products/chunky-avocado/wholly-chunky-avocado-minis/
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    Oaklandish1 got a reaction from Jihanna in Super stressed, about to quit   
    Hallelujah There is a Sweetgreen next to the hotel! *I love the guacamole idea but... all the premade guacamole I’ve ever seen has jalapeño or other spicy ingredient which I’m allergic to.
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    Oaklandish1 reacted to Erinj in Super stressed, about to quit   
    Definitely try to get to a nearby store if you can to stock up on some essentials to get you through. That will really help! Even being able to eat a little before you go out to your meals  can be helpful so you're not hangry and feeling deprived! It can definitely be challenging to Whole30 while you travel, but also very doable with some preparation and thinking ahead. I am known for carrying around compliant dressings in my purse for situations where there isn't something compliant! Protein, veggies, fat. You can do this!!
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    Oaklandish1 reacted to Aliem999 in Super stressed, about to quit   
    Yes! Find a store. Get premade hard boiled eggs for lunch. Cut up veggie trays are also good options (just ditch the dressing). A lot of places have premade guac to dip those veggies in. I find that premade guac can even last a few hours out of the fridge (likely a very high lime content plus airtight packaging).
    I also feel like a lot of burger places can make you something compliant. I would be careful with the big chains, but I am sure there are others. Lettuce wrapped, add avocado. Some even have fancy toppings to add that can be complaint.
    One of my Whole30s I did almost exclusively traveling. I had a Whole Foods nearby and ate a lot from their hot/salad bar. Tons of things were complaint and everything had a sign with all of the ingredients listed so you don't even have to talk to someone if you do not want to!
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    Oaklandish1 reacted to ShannonM816 in Super stressed, about to quit   
    Steakhouses and seafood places are likely to be able to accommodate you pretty easily. If you know where you'll be going for a meal later, you could check online and see if they list allergens, or call ahead at a non-busy time to ask questions so you know exactly what to order once you get there. In general, look for meat or fish that's grilled, ask if they have an option that hasn't been marinated, if they can season with salt and pepper only (or ask about the seasonings they use), and if they'll either dry grill or cook with olive oil.  Be sure to specify no butter.
    Vegetables may be limited, but most places will have salad and baked potatoes. You'd either need to do oil and vinegar or lemon juice on your salad, or get to a store and find a compliant dressing to carry with you. For a baked potato, you could ask for some olive oil to go on it so it wouldn't be dry, or again, if you can get to a store, pick up some ghee to carry with you.
    If you do get to a store, look for compliant jerky or Epic type meat bars, packs of almonds or other nuts, vegetables like baby carrots and snap peas that you could eat raw and that would hold up reasonably well for several hours at room temperature, packets of compliant almond butter, packets of olives. This way if you go out and there's not something you can eat, or if you are late getting to a meal, you can have some options with you to get you through. 
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    Oaklandish1 reacted to Jihanna in Super stressed, about to quit   
    Hi @Oaklandish1!
    I actually did a quick search on the NYC topic (where you'd responded about your trip) earlier today... I didn't go into a ton of detail, and of course NYC is huge and I'm not sure what's near you and what's not (I've spent about 45 minutes in NYC total during my lifetime, and that was back in 1993!), but it's something to work from and hopefully it'll help.
    There does seem to be some pretty good options in the area, at least. Good luck!
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    Oaklandish1 reacted to Jihanna in Starting a log here for troubleshooting...   
    @Oaklandish1 Have you played with the proportions of "normal" veggies versus starchy ones, at all? I tend to over-eat starchy vegetables by nature (I love love love potatoes, could eat them every meal, possibly for several parts of a meal, seriously)... so it took a bit of tweaking until I managed to find what worked best for me (I have to have them at certain meals, can't eat them at others or it causes problems, and amounts really do matter), and even then I have to account for silly things like hormones depending on what time of the month it happens to be. I also have to be fairly aware of how much protein I'm getting, and can definitely tell when I haven't had enough.
    (I know you'd mentioned ADD elsewhere, so figured I'd add that starchy carbs can be especially vital parts of the tweaking process for those of us who deal with issues like mood and attention disorders. For me, that translates as going batty with too little starch and lethargic with too much... so it's a matter of finding the balance and trying to maintain it. I will also note that I only got tiger blood fairly late in my experience, and it didn't feel like others described it -- I'm bipolar and my tiger blood was like all the positive bits of a manic episode, so it took a while for me to realize that the negatives weren't there which meant my meds weren't failing after all.)
    That said, the soup looks very good. I've used pumpkin in soups before, but never for sweet... a friend in Australia told me that pumpkins are always a savory thing over there, and a chili recipe I have uses it for thickening, so I've kind of fallen in love with the combined tomato-pumpkin flavors   I might have to eventually try something a little sweeter with it, too!
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    Lunch, 3 pm: “soup” of pumpkin puree heated with a bit of coconut milk, beef broth, nutmeg, cinnamon, salt and pepper. Salad of 1 cup arugula, 3 slices of smoked salmon, 1 hard-boiled egg and w30 ranch dressing. I think between the dressing and the coconut milk I didn’t quite get enough fat so I threw a few chopped walnuts on my soup after taking the photo. It’s grocery day so I’m sort of using up leftover random components and tomorrow I’ll be making pulled pork carnitas for my boyfriend and myself!

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    Oaklandish1 reacted to SchrodingersCat in Too much Avocado?   
    avocado is only 15% fat, where oil is 100% fat, so you need more avocado to get the same amount of fat
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    Oaklandish1 reacted to SugarcubeOD in Too much Avocado?   
    The thumb rule/recommendation is for liquid fats like cooking fat (olive oil, coconut oil etc).  Each other fat choice has it's own measurement on the meal template - avocado is a half to a whole, olives are 1-2 heaping open handfuls etc... have a look at the meal template (linked in my signature below) and you'll find more there.
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    Oaklandish1 reacted to SchrodingersCat in SchrodingersCat's Round 2 diary - starting 12 May 2019   
    Finished round 1, felt amazing. Migraines gone, alert, symptoms I didn't realise I had were gone. No vertigo after 18 months of it never ending...
    I started the slow reintro, and that was a mistake. I ended up putting off too many things, letting things slip back in (WINE!!) and came up on holidays with stuff not reintroed, which means that now I'm back at square 1, vertigo, awfulness, feeling terrible and none the wise of the culprits (still looking at you, WINE).
    So Round 2 starts tomorrow and while it might go longer than 30 days, I'm doing a proper reintro.
    Tomorrow I'll food prep - lay in some soup, a hearty beef and veg stew for lunches, some mayo and chimmichurri, roast a bunch of veggies, and make some bone broth.