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  1. Best wishes - I am starting on June 1 too
  2. Hey Elizabeth Best wishes to you! What are you doing to prepare?
  3. Hi! I am starting my Whole 30 on June 1st. This week I am reading It Starts With Food. And have been watching some food documentaries on Netflix and Amazon. Which makes me realize that I do blindly purchase food without reading labels. I am that person who tries to eat healthy but falls into the advertising traps of words that sound healthy on the front and all those big words on the back. So I am doing some research to reflect back on as I go through this process. I am very interested in the reintroduction phase and what that will tell me. I do wonder that dairy and wheat are not my
  4. I know this is an older topic but I am very interested in experiences regarding hot flashes / concentration or memory / mood problems due to menopause and response to the Whole30 eating style. I very much hope that I am able to notice positive differences in myself when I start my Whole30 in June. I am also interested in those who have had a total hysterectomy. I have chosen this surgery and am awaiting a date (probably in July). Menopause symptoms very much affect my life - I am ~4 years in.