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  1. @Yepa, I've shared a link of my original Whole30 reintroduction meal plan and adjusted the dates so that when you start on Sunday, you have reintroduced all of the food groups a week before Thanksgiving. That way you have some wiggle space to prep your fridge and also to decide if you want to not eat anything when Thanksgiving rolls around. I was not having a good day yesterday so I had some ice cream when I came home and today I was definitely more gassy than usual. I didn't have anything else that was not Whole30 (except for a little bit of sugar, but I'm sure that didn't cause my morn
  2. @Yepa, just wanted to check in to see how you're doing with the reintroduction! If you need any help/tips, let me know :-)
  3. We're three weeks in now and compared to my first Whole30 I did in May, the effects are also a little underwhelming. Although I am not hungry between meals anymore, I did notice that my skin didn't clear up as it did last time and I'm also having a harder time falling/staying asleep. Maybe it's because I was eating very unhealthy before the first Whole30, whereas I was eating healthier before this one and my body has just gotten used to it. I did notice in my clothes I'm losing weight and do not have that afternoon slump as much as I used to, so I'll take that! I had a minor setback yesterd
  4. @Yepa, it’s been said a couple of times before, the danger of eating fruit is mostly because it is our only access to sugar and can awaken our sugar dragon. So what is the reason you’re eating fruit? Is it because you’re fed up with veggies and want to mix it up, or because you are craving it? Maybe try leaving it out/eating it once a day instead of every meal for 2-3 days and see how you feel! And hooray for fitting in those jeans, keep it up!
  5. @ElizabethG, just yesterday I made some Whole30 salmon cakes, and they are amazing. The only thing that I can imagine would be hard to find is sweet potato puree, but other than that it’s a pretty easy recipe and they go well for breakfast with an egg and some spinach, or for lunch with a salad! I also made a really good breakfast casserole with minced beef and cauliflower rice and some eggs, but I can’t remember off the top of my head. I also ordered some curry sauces from Yai’s Kitchen (I think, it’s on the Whole30 approved section) that I will use for a spicy chicken curry when they a
  6. I am doing well! Yesterday I got a promotion at work (hooray for more regular hours) and I was a little sad that I couldn't celebrate with a glass of wine, but I got some bison steak and asparagus and a nice bottle of flavoured sparkling water (Whole30 approved) and celebrated with that! My energy is up and although I was feeling really hungry in between meals the past two days (I think it's because of my period, I'm not sure ) I am doing better today! I have been eating some potatoes along with other vegetables and snacking on nuts if necessary. I'm making a Whole30 pot roast this
  7. Hi there! What for me really helped during the reintroduction was planning out my meals and journaling how I felt after each category was reintroduced. I still look back on it whenever I'm feeling a little off and I've noticed that it does have to do with the amount of things I'm eating. For example, whenever I have had a couple nights of restless sleep and stirring, I know that I've been consuming too much dairy (what can I say, I love cheese!). But it's definitely true what tbrunhoefer said, by the time you finish the first 30 days of Whole30, it's not that hard switching back and forth betw
  8. @ElizabethG, so this week is a little funny because I did a one-time swap with my coworker and am now working 7-5PM, which means I'll be able to have meals at a "normal" time. The problem with snacking/eating at the front desk is that I have to eat things that are easy to swallow, in case the phone rings or someone walks up to the front desk. As a hotel guest, I would also rather be spoken to by someone who isn't eating I guess I can cut up my food in such bites that they are easy to swallow. For your second question, I honestly can't remember if I'm getting hungry before four, af
  9. Hi Cassie, I understand what you're going through! I don't know if you've read any of the Whole30 books, but one of the tips they give you is to tell as much people that you're doing a Whole30 and why. (I found it helpful for myself to jot down a couple of notes in my phone and pull it up whenever I needed to). That way people won't be as surprised when you find yourself turning down food. Something I also did in the past, was to bring a little container of my own food when going to an event where food is being served. I assume this wasn't a surprise party so you could have perhaps called w
  10. I have been there before. My sister is a physiotherapist and when it comes to food, she definitely feels like she knows everything. I was doing my reintroduction and she had a hard time believing that my allergies started back up when I reintroduced rice, because "no diet can eliminate allergies" and how did I know my allergies hadn't just subsided because of the time etc. etc. I just told her that maybe she was right, maybe she was wrong, but I felt better than ever so, for myself, I love the Whole30. Might not be great for everyone, but why does that matter? When it comes to switching
  11. Hi there! I also just started my second whole30 today and am excited for the upcoming month. I did my first one in May and it was tough in the beginning and then got easier and easier! In between, I have made an effort to cook by the rules as much as possible, so I definitely feel ready for it! I almost forgot I was on it and nearly at some Altoids, but I put it down before I opened it >< My boyfriend is doing a paleo challenge with the gym, and even though it's a little different, I'm excited to do this with him.