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    thanks much the meals sound great I will definitely give it a try.
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    I have been there before. My sister is a physiotherapist and when it comes to food, she definitely feels like she knows everything. I was doing my reintroduction and she had a hard time believing that my allergies started back up when I reintroduced rice, because "no diet can eliminate allergies" and how did I know my allergies hadn't just subsided because of the time etc. etc. I just told her that maybe she was right, maybe she was wrong, but I felt better than ever so, for myself, I love the Whole30. Might not be great for everyone, but why does that matter? 
    When it comes to switching up sources of protein, eggs are an amazing source of protein, and I always keep some frozen shrimp and smoked salmon on hand just in case I'm not in the mood for red meat. 
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    Hi @Meliena - all Whole30s are different and we end up with different results. I would say based on your hint of the nut-eating, that perhaps you were following our recommendations more strictly in your first round and are a bit looser in this round? I do know that when I do subsequent Whole30's I have to stop myself from saying "I already know xyz" and specifically re-read the rules and recommendations....and I WORK for Whole30, haha! 
    As far as your period -we generally feel a need for increased calories in the week leading up and of our period which totally explains the nuts. They could very well increase bloating and digestive upset though so although we tell people to go ahead and eat more at this time, that wouldn't be the best choice. You can try increasing your serving of starchy veggies at your evening meal and eating a good serving of fat with each meal for the period-needs.
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    Wanted to share a recipe that might just save the next 2 weeks in this house, the Egg Foo Young(ish) from Nom Nom Paleo. I used to cook all of her recipes in the US, but I don't have access to Red Boat fish sauce or coconut aminos, but this one requires nothing, AND doesn't require turning on the oven, just stove top.

    We opted to switch out the ham for shredded beef and it was amazing!
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    Thanks All!
    Made it through a slump, and feeling great that we're 1/2 way there, but also missing my American kitchen. Luckily, I do have a crock pot and my trusty stick blender, so I'm not lacking homemade mayo, which is what gets me through this.
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    My pants were loose today. They were still my size 8s......but they were loose!!!!!  HHHOOOORRRAAAYYYY!!!!
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    I am doing well! Yesterday I got a promotion at work (hooray for more regular hours) and I was a little sad that I couldn't celebrate with a glass of wine, but I got some bison steak and asparagus and a nice bottle of flavoured sparkling water (Whole30 approved) and celebrated with that! 
    My energy is up and although I was feeling really hungry in between meals the past two days (I think it's because of my period, I'm not sure ) I am doing better today! I have been eating some potatoes along with other vegetables and snacking on nuts if necessary. 
    I'm making a Whole30 pot roast this weekend and am excited to see how it will turn out :-D I will keep you posted!