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  1. Javila

    Week 3 no appetite

    Thank you, every recipe I make I always tweak it up to my own likings. Even ceviche, pineapple and watermelon just taste bland and taste the same to me which is the reason for hoping to find some answers to why and if it has happened to anyone else if it's normal or something I should be concerned about.
  2. Javila

    Week 3 no appetite

    I workout very early in the morning so no preworkout meal but definitely a post and consisted of hard boiled eggs and fruits and few hours later my breakfast. Forsure drinking plenty of water and salting my food. I have done various recipes so it wouldn't be bland and make recipes from the whole30 book. Everything I eat no matter how I make it all taste bland and the same which I find very weird and very sad.
  3. First 2 weeks I did well apart from days 1-3 feeling hungover aside from that great energy feeling good. My workout regimen was moderate with a mixture of cardio and weights. Once I hit week 3 no energy complete loss of appetite and no taste buds everything tastes so bland no matter what I make. I change up my meals so I don't get bored but every meat veggie and fruit taste equally bland. Someone please help.