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  1. kellydawne

    October 3rd start

    Hmmm, I posted this morning, but must not have had enough coffee to realize I didn't hit submit. LOL I really really wanted a glass of wine last night. The cat was nice enough to crawl up in my lap and go to sleep so at that point I told myself I couldn't get up. (Thanks kitty for the assist!) I did have a bowl of strawberries from my local farmer's market before the kitty curled up in my lap, not sure that feeding the sugar demon helps with the wine demon but they did taste good and the wine is a much bigger temptation for me than fruit! I had a brunch thing this morning with food provided by others. I knew there would be gluten free options because one of the ladies bringing food has a daughter with celiac so there are no gluten containing foods in her house so there is no danger of cross contamination. She, of course, brought baked sweets, so... I planned ahead though and sipped on a nice cup of left over pumpkin soup while I was getting ready to go so I wasn't the least bit hungry. I had a nice glass of water and mingled and because I never sat down I didn't feel weird about not eating. One person asked and I just told her I had a late breakfast of left over soup and I was still full and that was that. I actually never even walked to the table with the food that seemed to be the best way to avoid temptation but from other people's plates there were raw veggies and fruit so that would have at least been an option. @becs staying compliant with the whole 30 is tough with travel. I know there are people that manage but it would be challenging, hope it works out so you don't need to figure it out. @frogtox I'm a solid middle of the pack runner. I'm not winning any races and only run for me. I've only been running a couple of years and this will be my first anything over a 10k. I'm really excited about my upcoming race! And, because its my first half as long as I finish its a PR! Win! @Angelina_B are you drinking enough water too? I get a little light headed if I start to get dehydrated. Just a thought.
  2. My mom made a comment a few years ago to my niece as we were sitting down for lunch together. I said no thanks to the bread basket and my mom turned to my niece and said "Oh, I forgot your aunt is too good to eat bread." I was quite surprised in the moment but since then we've turned it into our little family joke. Oh, gee, I'd just love to try that, but you see I'm too good to eat (insert whatever food I don't want here)
  3. kellydawne

    October 3rd start

    Madgab- great job avoiding the temptation!
  4. kellydawne

    October 3rd start

    I don't feel like I'm doing much extra food prep but we already had hb eggs in the fridge, I made mayo on a whim, & I have quite a bit of a compliant soup in the freezer. I was also lazy & bought pre chopped veggies & my backyard garden is still generously providing salad veggies & other yummy things. I'm also a sahm so I have the luxury of pulling stuff out & simmering away while doing other fun things like laundry. I'm also sticking with really simple meals/snacks at the moment.
  5. kellydawne

    October 3rd start

    Becs- speaking from past experience, be mindful with your wine reintro. My first w30 was followed by a girls night out & I was feeling the effects much more quickly than before my w30! Madgab- sounds like a great dinner plan! You should have more energy tomorrow, but you may be a bit irritable even though you feel better.
  6. kellydawne

    October 3rd start

    Checking in- Hope everyone is still plugging along. I'm feeling good about having rules again & I'm keeping it simple at the moment. Frogtox, actually after the first week no dairy I'm good without cheese. I think I could not add it back but once it creeps in the amount grows. I do really really miss my wine though, so probably I enjoy the wine more as long as I don't add dairy back in. My weight is up from where I'm most comfortable at the moment. We live in a tourist destination & we had regular house guests from American Thanksgiving last year through August, a little of this, a little of that, disrupted exercise.... You know, life. Hi Bellad! Good for you for committing to continuing. I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you!
  7. kellydawne

    October 3rd start

    Can I join you all? I officially started yesterday, 10/5, so I'm a couple of days behind. I was dropping things around the edge of my diet and kept saying tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, when Tues. I poured a glass of wine and my DH said "I thought you were starting that paleo, no alcohol thing again." I did say it, didn't think he was listening, but glad he called me out, so today is day 2. This is my 3rd whole 30 and it will be a whole 40 at least because I have a half marathon coming up and that was why I wanted to clean up my eating anyway so I go at least until then. I've done several little 7-14 day stretches and ate pretty close to whole 30 even before doing the first one. Really, my two big vices are cheese and wine (in that order) I do have a sweet tooth too and I'll be happy to have my sugar dragon back under control.
  8. I don't have any advice for you, just understanding. My mom critiques pretty much what everyone except my dad and my husband eat. (my dad, because, well, she's the one cooking for him and my husband because he wouldn't stand for it and she knows it) I finally realized after our last visit when she fussed at my niece, my practically grown boys and me that it wasn't about us its about her. Our healthy choices make her uncomfortable with her unhealthy choices even though we are all just eating what we want and no one is commenting on their food, just enjoying it and being together. She has been know to say things like, "oh, I know you don't want any, after all, you're too good to eat bread."-(This is now a standing joke in our house, because yep, I'm too good to eat bread, gee!) Or "All you eat is meat/fat, that is so bad for you." And, the next meal, "Is that all you're eating? Don't you want some meat to go with that eggplant dish? You need to eat more protein"
  9. kellydawne

    NO MORE EXCUSES! Day 1 Oct 5th

    I'm starting today too. I keep saying tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, but today works!
  10. kellydawne

    August 1st Group Thread

    Hi, I just skimmed everyone's posts, but I'm joining in too. This will be my 3rd complete whole30 in 4 years. The other 2 were in January and were a great post-holiday reset. My family actually refers to this as "Mom's January Diet." This isn't hugely different from the way we normally eat, the main differences are dropping yummy cheese, cream, butter and wine. We just had our last summer house guests and this is a good time for another reset here. I have started and not finished a couple of w30's since the last one mainly because I let stress and our busy schedule get in the way. I have 2 boys and they have really full sports schedules year round in addition to all of the school stuff, the oldest is now on the opposite coast and I miss watching him play, streaming video and travel have to do in the meantime. (and like someone else mentioned, I'm the team mom for both our school team and the off season team here and that can get a little stressful at times) Our summer schedule is winding down and then there is one week and the high school season begins. My main goals this time -better sleep -better stress management-I have a tendency to be an emotional eater and stress can push me over the top with sweets.
  11. kellydawne

    Approved sausage?

    One of my local grocery stores carries a brand that is compliant, Mulays. It's my go to choice for sausage now because it is really good.
  12. kellydawne

    Starting January 2nd, 2013

    I'm starting on the 2nd too. I did a complete whole 30 last year in January and have eaten mostly paleo since with a few "whole14's" tossed in here and there throughout the year. I've already warned my family that I will be a little more picky about what we eat this month. Not that big of a deal though and my husband will help to keep me on track even if he isn't doing it with me. I would like to lose a little weight (or at least shift my body composition and drop a size) but overall this is much more about being healthy.
  13. kellydawne

    Anyone starting Week of October 8-14, check in!

    Checking in this morning. Starting day 5... This weekend will be tough since we have family arriving tonight and they will be here through next week. I know there will be criticism and pressure to eat off plan. It will be in the form of you don't need to lose weight so why are you doing this. (I actually would be happy to lose a little weight, but not why I'm here) and no one seems to believe me when I tell them I can control (eliminate) my really bad acid reflux symptoms with a proper diet. I'm actually leaving my whole 30 paper I have on the fridge and am hoping at least my dad will listen since he has been on reflux meds for years. (I doubt he will, but...) Looks like everyone is doing great. parismeli- good luck while you are on vacation. Just think of all the wonderful fresh fish you'll have available!
  14. kellydawne

    Anyone starting Week of October 8-14, check in!

    Hello, starting day 4 today. So far so good. I think this time is easier because I hadn't been eating horribly overall before I started and I waited until after a wedding and some other events to start. We will have family visiting this week and I know my food choices will be criticized while they are here so I'm hoping I can make it through that. There are usually pizza orders placed too so I will need to be really proactice to make it through this weekend and next week. Having a hungry teenage boy in the house, I rarely have left overs for lunch, even if I think I've planned enough for left overs. Last night's dinner was wiped out quickly. I've cooked the fish taco bowl (from the last two days for lunch and that's a favorite lunch. The fish taco sauce would be good mixed with tuna and veggies too. I am having fun trying recipes from a variety of places, books, blogs, and especially chowstalker we have a few new (healthy) family faves.
  15. kellydawne

    Anyone starting Week of October 8-14, check in!

    Morning- Starting day 3 here. It seems like everyone is hanging in there. My family is NOT doing this with me, but they eat better when I do. Both of my teenage boys have the "I need to gain weight" genes which is challenging when trying to get them to eat better. I would say they eat better than most teenagers out there. (from a paleo/real foods perspective not a low fat perspective) My oldest has been complaining about the lack of real food available on his college campus since he is stuck with the cafeteria as a freshmen. He actually says he is looking forward to having his own kitchen next year. Anyway, interesting comment from both my hubby and younger son at dinner last night. My guys eat a lot of meat so our meals are normally pretty heavy on the protein portion. I made a sweet potato and sausage hash (from the whole 30 success guide) and both of them said it was really good, but next time make more veggies and don't put as much sausage in it. You could have knocked me over with a feather. Noboro, I would think being in the habit of cooking from scratch and going to the market every day would at least make that part easier. Good luck pushing through the headaches. Hope you get that energy burst soon.