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    As a side note specifically related to depression, one thing I find really helps is to get outside for a gentle walk every morning (20-30 minutes). do not wear sunscreen and do not put on sunglasses - you want your body reacting with the lovely morning rays. The combination of gentle exercise and vit. D exposure really help.  
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    I don't track my cycle that closely, and honestly eating Whole30 threw mine off last time so I wouldn't trust what my tracking app tells me (last time I wound up about 2 weeks late compared to my "normal" cycle)... but I can definitely agree that extra starchy stuff and extra protein are both necessary when my body starts feeling like it's gearing up for the monthly adventure. I tend to look more at my symptoms to gauge what I'm needing, though, rather than looking directly at where in my cycle I am (I'm also bipolar, so this might be part of why I look at symptoms to give me an idea of what's going on, since I'm used to gauging my moods that way).
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    In my (limited, non-medical) understanding it's fairly complex to diagnose & treat hormonal balance issues unless there's something dramatically out of sync., so that route could take a while to find anything and, even in the UK, there is a tendency for GPs to want to prescribe rather than investigate - in the past I've had anti-depressants pushed onto me on more than one occasion, which for me absolutely fails to address the cause(s) of the problem (though obviously everyone is different and this may well be exactly the right approach for someone else). 
    I found that insufficient food in general was contributing to low mood in the week before my period & deliberately choosing to include starchy veg (esp. after ovulation) and being careful to eat enough of everything in that final week of the cycle seems to help a lot. I also started supplementing with magnesium a couple of months ago and have found that it greatly reduces the bloat & physical discomfort and also seems to help with emotional symptoms, but again that might not be an option for you depending on what other medical conditions & medications, etc. you might have....
    In terms of getting enough food I sometime play a 'game' with myself where the aim is to maximise the nutritional value of every meal and snack, e.g. trying to get as many different types of veg into a meal as possible, obvs. that's an underlying aim of a W30 but I find it helps to keep me focused on the fact that eating well is a good thing and that overly restricting food is not a very nice thing to do to yourself.... but again that's based on my experience and a history of constantly striving to eat fewer calories rather than aiming for optimal nutrition...
    I hope you feel better soon
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    One thing to pay attention to is the amount of starchy vegetables you're eating. People who experience depression or anxiety often find they need several servings a day. 
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    Not that symptom, but W30 can really play hell with your hormones, I have a Mirena IUD and haven't had a period in 4+ years save for both Rounds when lo and behold, the W30 managed to override hormonal birth control!! It better not get me pregnant!! haahaa.
    But much sympathy to you, that's got to be so frustrating.