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    Some fat options

    Thanks everyone!
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    I messed up reintroduction

    Hi! I have not done the ketotarian yet. I bought the book but haven’t had a chance to read it. I’m doing the whole60 right now (ending in early November), and then I may consider the ketotarian after.
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    Some fat options

    Hi all! I am on round two of the whole30. The first round I started in June. I felt better, and ate better after ending after 45 days. But... then I slipped back into eating sugar and treats post healthy meals. Anyways, my question is this: what are some good healthy fats that people like? I have been eating half an avocado with eatery meal for months. I love avocado, and don’t mind having them with every meal. The problem is- it’s getting pretty expensive. So what are some other good options that people use instead of avocado? I’ve read that but better is not a great option for getting your healthy fat in. Thank you!
  4. Hi, So I will start off by saying totally failed reintroduction. I completed a whole45, and I was contemplating making it to 60 days, but at the last minute thought, "let me try this and see how I feel." I didn't think too much about reintroduction because I planned, and have, basically maintained the whole30 diet. I feel so much better this way, and I love the meals I make! I just want the occasional ice cream once in awhile. And of course, when my face broke out I thought well is it from _____ or ______ or ________? So my question is this, I am contemplating following the Ketotarian diet as described on the "Do the Thing" podcast. But I am wondering if I need to do a complete whole30 with reintroduction to see what foods do and do not work for my body, or could it be shortened to two weeks + reintroduction since I've mostly maintained the whole30 diet? I would like to go into the Ketotarian diet with whole30 foods that work for me. Thank You!
  5. I should mention that I'm still not very in touch with my hunger/ full signals. I have definitely overate a bunch of times.
  6. Hi, I have been on the Whole30 for 16 days. I know we are not supposed to wight ourselves, but I did. Weight-loss was not my #1 goal...but certainly a hope. I've gained 70lbs over the last 5 years. I would really like to work my way back down. I have stayed the same weight. I stated this past week going on a hike 3 days a week and yoga 4 days a week. What I am wondering is if I'm still not following the meal template accurately. This is what my usual meals look like: Breakfast: 1 coffee with a splash of coconut milk 3 scrambled eggs with a splash of coconut milk (cooked in Ghee) half a fresh red pepper half avocado half tomato a few small slices of cured salmon This breakfast keeps me full generally until lunch. I eat between 730-8am. I do feel hungry for lunch around 1130 (always do), but I am trying to hold out and if I'm busy it holds me over until 1230/1pm. I think the hunger is a boredom thing. Lunch: Dinner left overs or salad if I forget lunch at home. Dinner: protein- shrimp, calamari, or chicken/turkey (I am working towards pescatarian) Usually 1 palm but sometimes two half a fresh red pepper half avocado half tomato Sweet potato or regular potato- Usually fried in a pan out cut up in small wedges and baked with olive oil. I'm thinking maybe a little too much of this? Also between a palm or two per sitting. I cook everything in Ghee, and I use a bunch. I'm wondering if this and the potato might not actually be follow the template. I will also throw a plantain in here and there. I've been trying not to snack, and have been avoiding fruits. Like I said I cook with a lot of ghee. Maybe I am taking it too far? Thank you!
  7. Thank you everyone for the advice and links! I am going to try and make some adjustments. I'll also look for some different Ghee or make my own. We only have the one option with the cooking oils, but I'll check the international section too! I definitely read the rules and didn't look further into the meal template. I had a feeling something was off when I wasn't having a more difficult time (not that I want to, but I also know how many chocolates and cookies I was eating before hand). Thanks so much!!
  8. Hi, I know this thread is from awhile ago, but I have been having the same issue and I'm wondering if maybe I'm making the same mistake. I am on day four off the whole30. I felt really tired on day 1 and had a migraine (I have chronic migraines too), but other than that I'm just a little tired in the afternoons. I am super hungry all the time though. My meals look like this: Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs with coconut milk (approved brand), coffee with coconut milk Lunch/snack: leftovers from dinner (has been kale and red cabbage slaw, mashed cauliflower, and chicken), chia pudding with coconut milk and fruits *chia pudding I usually eat as a snack before or after lunch Dinner: whole30 approved meal such as the lunch described below. I also usually cook with Ghee, although the only one I could find is mixed with grapeseed oil. Is this okay? Sometimes watermelon after dinner I have had cravings when I see treats, but have been able to manage them. I am happy that I'm not suffering, but I know that I have an unhealthy relationship with sugar treats and so I can't imagine it's this easy. Thoughts?