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  1. Miraclepie

    Boring food!

    Thank you!! I hadn’t seen the templates so this is helpful. Also cant believe you can fit four eggs in your hand! I can barely hold two. Cheers
  2. Miraclepie

    Boring food!

    How do you find compliant condiments? I mean, we don't live in the US, so we've basically been looking for stuff without flour or added sugar... Breakfast: either: 2 soft boiled eggs, with handfull of boiled then chopped, then fried (no oil) with paprika and salt powder, maybe with some ham (on the weekend) OR... Fruit bowl - banana, strawberries and apple cut up, with a ginger tea Lunch: (biggest meal) - Large salad, (spinach, red & orange peppers, cucumber, onion, large chicken breast/salmon steak with boiled potatoes Dinner: large bowl of soup (300-350mL) (red pepper & tomato, or vegan cream of mushroom (with coconut milk), cashew nuts, almonds, and an apple
  3. Miraclepie

    Boring food!

    Hello! I'm on day 17 and just not feeling motivated. I really just hate all foods now. Everything is tasteless and boring. Ugh. It really takes all the joy out of food completely. I feel like now I'm just eating because I have to. I know it's a 30-day plan, but when do people normally see results? - Sleeping (my sleep hasn't improved. I used to sleep 7-8hrs and wake up fully rested and go to the gym in the morning. I am still sleeping 7-8hrs, but cannot drag myself out of bed earlier to go to the gym) - Clear skin (nope... I got a zit on day 8), it's about the same as it always was. - Regularly - sorry if this is TMI, but I used to regularly have a BM daily and now it's like nothing for two or three days, and then horrific cramping and often diarrhea - weight loss - meh, I haven't weighed myself as per the instructions. I *do* feel thinner, BUT my pants certainly don't feel any better on me - Sugar cravings - I'm not convinced I had them before... but yeah, I guess they are gone. But I never craved them through the past 16 days either... Prior to the program, I would work out 3-4 times a week for 45-90 minutes, I am 165cm and 72kg. I wanted to come off caffeine and see if I could complete the challenge with the added bonus of hopefully losing about 5kg. The biggest thing I'm missing is a cup of English breakfast tea with proper whole milk and honey.