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  1. Pashcool

    Day 9 foggy and tired

    Thanks I think that I’m following the food plan Im not hungry and I have Starchy veg ill try to add more starchy veg and see how it goes thanks
  2. Pashcool

    Long flight and 10 days business trip

    Thanks for the info. Probebly there are no quick solutions well it is what it is thanks again
  3. Hi what do you take with you to a 12 hours flight and how do u plan for a 10 day stay in a hotel in a business trip thanks
  4. Hi im on the 9th morning. In the past few days I’m so tired no energy body aches a bit light headed. I assume it is the body who is addicted for 50 years to carbohydrates wants I go back. Many advice what to do I’m straggling here thanks
  5. Pashcool


    Wow thank you so much for this important information you save the day
  6. Pashcool


    What about raw tahini or a homemade tahini sauce i assume that soy sauce is off limit whT is there to replace?