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  1. So I am happily into what I plan to be a "Whole90," and I'm glad to be, because I was a pretty sick puppy.  I've been almost completely compliant for 50+ days so far, my only problems being when eating out, which I'm fortunate enough to have to do very seldom.  We live in a very rural area, though, and the other night, my husband and I stopped off for a quick dinner at Zoe's Kitchen.  I'd heard that they are very supportive of the Whole30, and I asked at the counter for information about what they can provide.  The person behind the counter scrabbled around endlessly and announced she just couldn't find that information, so I did my best:  chicken kabobs, cauliflower rice bowl and green salad with tahini dressing.  Sounds pretty good, right?  Yet by the time we were headed home, I was starting to ache all over, my nose was running copiously, and I began to sneeze violently.  I went to bed in this condition, and it was a miserable night.  About one in the morning, I got up and looked at the list of allergens on the Zoe's site, and....sure enough:  both the kabobs and the cauliflower rice were listed as containing dairy.  WHAT?!  But Middle Eastern food is often marinated in yogurt, and who knows why the cauliflower rice (which was raw and completely tasteless) had dairy.  I resent this, and made it known to them, after which I received a HUGE list of questions to be answered.  

    I belong to the Whole30 "After 50" group on Facebook, and someone pointed out that Zoe's chicken kabobs are listed as being compliant with the program.  So there is some discrepancy here that needs to be noted and, hopefully, corrected1685252016_ScreenShot2020-02-27at11_27_50AM.thumb.png.17d4bef9f4fcffc9cebdf0f744b73e48.png