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  1. Day 8 is here and I will say I find myself not as hungry. I am deciding to do daily weight measurements for my HealthMate app and I am down 7 lbs! Exciting as my brothers wedding is getting closer! My goal is lose 20 by July 12! Made this wonderful Smoke Salmon Fritatta i saw online! Unbelievably good! The sauce is a Green Onion Cashew Crema
  2. Got back from the gym a couple of hours ago and finished prepping some chicken thighs that I am gonna throw on a salad tomorrow! Keep up the good work everyone! Feeling just fine. I won't say I am feeling any clearer head wise but it just feels good to be on a plan. It makes it so much easier to not be tempted by office goodies.
  3. Welcome Katie! It’s never to late to work on your health. It just takes the first step. Let’s do it together!
  4. Great so far! Drinking lots of water to curve my appetite. Gonna hit the gym tomorrow morning for some fasted cardio!
  5. Hey Ektta! Getting away from dairy can definitely be tough. But you can use other options in your food. I know for example you could use coconut milk for curries and other Indian food. I am planning to make some chicken curry later this week. I will put a picture soon! Day 2 down. I have been drinking tons of water to sate my hunger. I have a 50oz Smart Water bottle that I fill up 3x and drink while I am at work. I work in the IT industry so I constantly am in front of the computer. I have implemented a little routine for the past 2 days. Every hour on the hour, I do 15 push ups. In an 8 hour
  6. That is great Lala. This is my first time doing whole30 as well and I’m excited. How has your meal prep gone. Do you like cooking? I went with a sweet potato avocado toast with poached eggs for breakfast. And I am going with a Fried Shrimp Cauliflower rice I saw on Tasty! Good luck and let’s do this!!!!
  7. I am gonna be starting on June 10th as well. I made a post introducing myself for more info. I would love to tag along and keep each other motivated.
  8. Good Afternoon All, My name is Jorge and I will be starting Whole30 on June 10th. I used to be an extremely active Crossfiter and was in the best shape of my life. That was about 5 years ago. With life changes, moving, school, work... blah blah blah... excuses. My brother's wedding is coming up and I want to get this going. I am planning to post daily on Instagram (@jlp06f) for accountability. I really love cooking and I am excited to cook these healthy recipes. I will be stepping on the scale every day and trying to hit the gym 4-5x per week with a mix of cardio and weights. If anyone is