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    Hi everyone! Today is day 10! I’ve been feeling great until today! Today, I hit a wall! I’ve had weird crazy nightmares last night and the night before. I moved in my sleep, waving my hands and calling out in my sleep, disturbing my husband and my sleep. Nightmares aren’t new to me. These seemed more disturbing than others. I awoke with no energy and felt tired. I’ve been doing physical therapy to strengthen myself, improve my balance and walking with my four prong cane and independently. Always with a therapist holding me by a gait belt. I do exercises such as sit to stand, resistance walking, balance, stepping over tiny cups etc. I usually walk with a relator walker. I usually start out by walking up the stairs with one of therapists holding me with the gait belt and using my cane to assist my weak left knee.
        I had to kick myself in the Butt to get myself to go to therapy. I did go and made it through! I did manage to make big salad with baby spinach, baby greens, cherry tomatoes, canned salmon mixed with mayo, some left over cooked carrots, bell pepper and fresh strawberries with homemade Dijon mustard vinegarette for a late lunch. Then made hamburgers ( no bun for me) and reheated chicken tomato vegetable soup for our family dinner. Relaxing now, watching some tv while I do this.i hadn’t checked in since last week. So here I am. I actually found several compliant commercial mayonnaise and yesterday found 2 salad dressings with no sugar or artificial sweeteners, made with canola oil. I bought them so I’d could take it with me to use in restaurants. I’ll take pictures or send the names along with the ingredients so you can see for yourselves. I found them at our local HEB grocery store here in San Antonio, Tx. I sure hope I feel better tomorrow! I have PT again on Friday.
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    Katie B got a reaction from C_Cezeaux in Starting June 10th - 30 days til my brothers wedding   
    Hi all,  I started yesterday, June 10th. So, I’ve completed 2 days now! I’m doing this program to improve my health. I’m 72 years young! I have many problems with allergies, asthma and diastolic heart failure. I weigh 233 lbs. I have daily headaches that aren’t disabling, but are annoying! So I have many reasons for joining this way of life! I made clarified butter and the tangy Bbq sauce today. I enjoy cooking am enjoying learning new recipes and new ways of eating and cooking! With the help of my 18 yr old granddaughter, I cooked country ribs, potato salad and roasted asparagus for dinner! Thank God for the help of Mac! It all turned out great, even the bbq sauce! Cherries for dessert! I’m looking forward to the next 28 days and the beginning of a new lease on life!