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    Hi all,  I started yesterday, June 10th. So, I’ve completed 2 days now! I’m doing this program to improve my health. I’m 72 years young! I have many problems with allergies, asthma and diastolic heart failure. I weigh 233 lbs. I have daily headaches that aren’t disabling, but are annoying! So I have many reasons for joining this way of life! I made clarified butter and the tangy Bbq sauce today. I enjoy cooking am enjoying learning new recipes and new ways of eating and cooking! With the help of my 18 yr old granddaughter, I cooked country ribs, potato salad and roasted asparagus for dinner! Thank God for the help of Mac! It all turned out great, even the bbq sauce! Cherries for dessert! I’m looking forward to the next 28 days and the beginning of a new lease on life!