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    Hrrrrm. I had a friend suggest that maybe the salt wasn't doing the trick because it wasn't iodized (was using sea salt only). I read up on it and it turns out, we humans need the iodine, and all of the processed foods I cut out contained loads of it. I bought some last night, cooked dinner with it, and bam! Problem solved. Also added some red potatoes with dinner last night and I feel much better today.
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    I'm on Day 12 and I keep waking up with headaches that just don't quit. This has been going on for about 4 or 5 days now. I've read other posts about headaches on Whole30 and the general consensus is to drink more water and salt your food-- which I think I'm doing just fine, but I'll definitely try to keep it in mind. I'm just wondering if someone can speak to the science behind the headaches? Is it withdrawals and to what? To walk you through a typical day: I've never been a breakfast person-- food before noon seriously makes me gag, so that hasn't changed. I start with a bit of coffee and water in the morning and around noon make a salad with compliant dressing (fats), compliant mango salsa (veggies/fruit), and toss some pistachios or tuna on top (protein). For dinner, I've been making chicken or steak (protein) with some kind of veggie side, adequately salted. If I start to feel mega hungry between meals (rare) I'll pop a few pieces of dried fruit (no sugar added) and a handful of cashews or pistachios. The only thing that I haven't had much of at all is carbs-- I think I may have eaten exactly one potato since I started this wild ride. Could it be carbs?? AND DON'T JUST SAY YES, IT'S CARBS! TELL ME WHY!! Please and thank you!