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  1. Vevster

    I'm STARVING!!!

    Another Snackwell cookie survivor chiming in... LOL! I agree to what everyone is saying above. Potatoes and fats. You must be satisfied.
  2. 2 weeks in she is wearing clothes she hasn't worn in months! I'm so excited for her!
  3. I desperately want off my daily bp pill. I've seen significan't benefit from the whole 30, I'm hoping with more weightloss / improved fitness I can see the bp go down so that I don't need medication.
  4. Vevster


    Since I've been fasting for a while, I chose not to change that. #worksforme
  5. Vevster

    Centrum Women

    I feel it is really poor quality. I remember an expose a while back being done that said Centrum did not dissolve and there were landfills filled with them.
  6. Vevster

    Centrum Women

    I wish people would just stop thinking Centrum is a vitamin.
  7. Vevster

    Collagen Peptides?

    How does that happen?
  8. Vevster

    Are you new here? Welcome!

    Thank you, Lindsay! I'm seeing the benefits already!
  9. Vevster

    Are you new here? Welcome!

    This is my first week on my first Whole30. I bought a couple of the books, but I find the online resources especially this site incredible too! I had my microbiome tested and it is so easy to eat the recommended foods when doing Whole 30! Hello, everyone!
  10. Vevster

    Olive oil Spray

    If concerned ,you can buy a misto and use the oil of your choice.
  11. Vevster

    Intermittent fasting?

    This is how I have been eating for the past 8 months... I'm just adding in Whole 30. I agree w/ Melissa that trying to incorporate both at the same time may be stressful....
  12. Vevster

    Bacon Fat as Cooking Fat?

    I like the flavor bacon gives to what I cook with it. Yum!