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    kijake got a reaction from EDS in ME/CFS   
    I'm very, very new here. I did a search for ME/CFS in the forum and received no results. I'm hoping that there will be people who can answer to this disease anyway.
    I suffer from ME/CFS. I have come to this diet, not to be cured, but simply to deal with issues that accompany and are aggravated by the disease. What I'd like to know is if anyone with this disease has used this diet to help themselves. It would be nice to know what the experience was like. I am worried about high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, food sensitivities, excess weight, of course. Since the disease doesn't allow any real activity, I'm not able to utilize exercise to reduce any of this. I am turning to diet to manage these health problems. 
    If anyone has any experience with this disease and following this diet with the disease, could you please let me know what your experience has been?  TIA.