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    Excited and ready to start our Whole30 journey!

    It's the original Whole30 book.
  2. Hello, my name is LIndsey and my husbands' name is Jeremy. We are about to start Whole30 on July 5th, we wanted to get the holiday over with because my mom makes amazing food and she makes a ton of it. Right now I am reading the book and I'm getting really excited about the plan. A little back story about us, my husband and I started out as slim, young people, but then as the relationship progressed we gained weight, we got married and we gained even more weight. As you all know weight causes medical issues, so my husbands' highest weight was 526, for the past 2 in a half years, he's done mostly a low carb diet, plus dabbled in a Paleo diet, he's lost almost 100lbs and has kept it off. I am so proud of his progress, he's also working out and really determined to lose the weight. Me on other hand, I love to eat, hate to exercise, I also love to cook. I recently started working at Walmart as a cashier and carbs, sweets, and junk food are my weakness, I just love food in general, but working at a place with junk food readily available to me was not helping me. I've worked there almost a year and I've gained the 15lbs and then some that I lost a few years ago when I started dieting, I was able to keep it off for 5 plus years, until I started working. My husband will have no problems with this program, he's already eating very well, with a few cheats now and then when he craves it, I believe I will have the most problems being on here. I give up easily when I don't see results, I get bored with the food I'm eating, and I'm also a bit lazy, so when I'm tired from work, I have no desire to cook and just want something fast and easy. Back to the present, I love to read, so I'm always searching for books on my library's Overdrive website, I kept seeing Whole30 pop up every time I've went on there, well I got curious and I liked how it sounds. My husband has high blood pressure, stress, anxiety, and bad knees, he also gets heart palpitations almost everyday if he doesn't keep it in check. I have tennis elbow, knee issues, acne issues, gut issues, psoriasis, and even though I've never been tested, I'm pretty sure I have psoriatic arthritis. We want to get our problems dealt with instead of pushing them under the rug, I'm sick of hurting everyday, I just went to the Dr. today and he wants me to talk to an orthopedic doctor about possibly having knee surgery again (I had it done when I was 14). I really like my job as a cashier, and it's becoming impossible to do it now without me being in pain or having to take a crap ton of aleve and tylenol for it. I don't want to do this program, just to lose weight, even though it's a nice benefit, I want to feel better and so does my hubby. Thanks for listening to our story, I hope we all become great support to each other. Lindsey and Jeremy