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  1. Day 6 and i'm still struggling with coffee. I miss my creamer!
  2. I wonder if that’s what happened to my [email protected] He got what we thought was a stomach bug (and shoot, maybe it was) but it threw him off for about a day and a half. But he’s since bounced back. I agree with @CharGorman...maybe try cooking some veggies.
  3. Hey CarolMaureen....welcome to the club, I wanted to cheat on day 2, 3 and 4 also. I'm starting day 5 today so hopefully that urge will be gone. The food prep is still killing me so I'm trying to simplify recipes so I don't feel so overwhelmed while also trying not to get bored with food. I'm kind of a mess! lol! Hope we can be encouraging to each other!
  4. Hey CharGorman....Day 4 here and I would love an accountability buddy. I've done every "diet" or "food plan" you can name and had momentary success on some of them but nothing has really changed bad habits for the long term. Have a good friend who just completed her first Whole30 about 3 months ago and she raves about the results. To be honest, I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around the results be as amazing as she claims. How was your first experience with Whole30? What brings you back to do another round?
  5. Hey Felicia1971....we are on day 3 today and to be honest, I'm so ready to quit! My husband is just getting started as he got a stomach bug on day 1. I'm not used to meal prepping so much and I'm still on detox from sugar and crap so I'm sure that's why I feel like quitting. How are you doing? Got any favorite recipes?
  6. AimHigh22

    Back Again and Starting June 1st

    I would love to join this group. My husband and I just started our first ever Whole30 today and I need all the encouragement I can get. I know y’all are way ahead of me but that’s fine with me if it doesn’t bother you.
  7. My husband and I are prepped (I think) and ready to go (I hope) to start our first round of Whole30 tomorrow. Would love company!