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  1. Felicia1971

    No reaction to reintroduced food...so...

    Thanks much. I messed up. I reintroduced gluten free Ezechiel bread and oatmeal, but had one or the other each day. Today I had a slice of the bread with a sprinkle of honey at breakfast. What do you recommend for me to do? This would be my Day 4 in the reintroduction phase.
  2. Felicia1971

    No reaction to reintroduced food...so...

    So, have one item, but for the next two days do NOT eat that item, only W30, correct?
  3. Felicia1971

    Feel like I'm gaining and not losing weight

    Wow! Great post here! I’m on Day 14 and had to read about this bloating issue. It has to be the FODMAP. Starting day 15 (yay me, July 4th), I will stick to the Safe FODMAP list. I have two weeks left in W30 and hope to see the boating go away.
  4. Felicia1971

    Persistent Bloat and Bumpy Bowels

    Found this on another board. I plan to follow the Low-FODMAP for the remaining of my W30 (2 weeks left). I have the same problem with bloating and constipation.
  5. I appreciate this post so much. I couldn’t figure out what’s up with this bloating?? I have done the W30 for 14 days now and still bloated. I am increasing the amount of water, but I am starting to wonder if I might have GI issues.
  6. Felicia1971

    Frustrated - Seeing no difference after 16 days

    Thank you for your post. I am premenopausal, so probably that factors in too. I can see the slow progress though. I know it’s not as easy at 47 to trim as it was in my twenties. Your time line helped! again, thanks much Felicia
  7. Felicia1971

    Frustrated - Seeing no difference after 16 days

    Thank you so much for clarifying the “issues.” before I started the program, I had a full panel bloodwork done. Both overall and LDL Cholesterol were high. Try and D-HDL were within normal limits and, when I found the ratio of Tryg/“good”Cholesterol, it was below 2. I will have another Cholesterol test done at the end of Whole30. My goal is to lower LDL and slim around the stomach. I also ordered the Vitamin Code Women's Multivitamin from Thrive Market and started to work out at home. looking forward to a better health! Felicia
  8. Felicia1971

    Frustrated - Seeing no difference after 16 days

    Emily, thanks for posting this. I’m on day 9 and notice little difference as well. Perhaps the biggest thing I noticed is that I don’t crave sugary stuff as in the first couple of days. But like you, I’m following the program to a tee. I started scaling down from big to small plates. This week I’m following the Week 1 menu from the book. So, like you, could it be the carbonated water? The bigger portion size I ate first 7 days? Constipation is also an issue. Would over the counter Fiber Siliccium be allowed on the program? hope we both can see some results. Felicia
  9. Replace it with Matcha, the Ceremonial Grade. It has more caffeine and you can make Matcha latte with Coconut milk. Delish! Plus better heath benefits. Research it! Just sent you a longer message Felicia
  10. I started on Thursday. My husband tried too, but work demands couldn’t keep up...after two days. I am in day three! how are you guys doing so far? Felicia