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  1. SassySal

    Saloni's Whole30 Log

    R4D17: I think tiger blood is here! And not a minute too soon! Yesterday was probably the hardest day for me. I was so tempted to quit. And day 15 too. But today is awesome! I was up at 1 am working! And then did some more work in the morning. So basically I wrote two whole articles between 1 am and 11 am. In spite of the fact that today is SATURDAY and I start a new full time job this Monday!
  2. SassySal

    Saloni's Whole30 Log

    What's Natural Calm--is it magnesium? (I live in India, so we don't have the same brand names.) Don't know about the acidity. I'm just hoping it's part of the process--maybe the microbes in my gut are adjusting to the new food? Also I've stopped exercising, so maybe that has something to do with it? I'm being optimistic and believing that the micro-organisms in my gut are coming into balance. :-) Are you on round at the moment? Today is day 14 for me. I'm shooting for a Whole90 this time!
  3. SassySal

    Saloni's Whole30 Log

    Hi Emma, yes the carrot slaw is fantastic! It's in the recipe for Moroccan chicken in the Whole30 Cookbook. Today is Day 13. Yesterday I made North African skillet chicken and potato noodles! They were delish! I've been experiencing a lot of acidity this time around. I'm taking a compliant magnesium supplement and I think that's helping me with my digestion, mood and sleep. I had a bad skin breakout in early June and that's starting to clear up.
  4. SassySal

    Saloni's Whole30 Log

    This is round 4 day 1. This will probably be a Whole60. I'm restarting for the second time! I feel so sleepy today after having eaten rice, beans, sugar and milk yesterday. I don't blame myself though, I was at a job interview and wasn't expecting that I'd have to stay for lunch and I needed to eat so I'd have energy for the rest of the interview process. Honestly it doesn't even feel too bad restarting, because now that I'm on round 4 I understand that this is a lifelong commitment, not something I'm doing for 30 days. So it's all part of a process. I've had joint pain today too. And don't feel like doing my mindful yoga or going to the gym. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I made Moroccon chicken and carrot slaw from the Whole30 Cookbook today! :-)
  5. SassySal

    Pre-Workout Meal- Confused!

    I'm confused about how much juice to carry to my workout...
  6. SassySal

    Starting July 1 - Anyone want to join me?

    Hi, I'm restarting tomorrow as I realised the vinegar I was using wasn't compliant. This is round 4 for me. I want to get off anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medication and lose tonnes of weight. Glad to be here!
  7. SassySal

    Sulphites in vinegar

    Thanks. So I should start over?
  8. SassySal

    Sulphites in vinegar

    I'm confused. Are sulphites in vinegar allowed? Here are the ingredient lists on my various bottles of vinegar: White wine vinegar: White wine vinegar, antioxidant (Sulphites) E224. Red wine vinegar: Red wine vinegar. Apple cider vinegar: Cider vinegar, sulphites as a preservative. Balsamic vinegar: Wine vinegar, concentrated grape must, colorant: E150d. Contains sulphites. White vinegar: Water, acetic acid. Thank you for your help! Saloni
  9. SassySal

    Psychiatry meds

    Hi Margaret, I'm on R4D0. I'm on medication for depression and anxiety and need to lose about 50lbs. The Whole30 isn't helping me to lose weight while I'm on the medication, but it is keeping my mood more stable. I won't say that it's a cure, but it definitely helps. I'm combining it with mindfulness, gratitude, exercise and medication. I do want to get off the medication eventually, especially because of the weight gain. I'm hoping that the combination of mindfulness, exercise, Whole30 and gratitude will do the trick. I am seeing an improvement. The difficult part is reintroduction, because it can be a slippery slope that causes a major relapse into depressive/anxious symptoms. I hope my experience helps your daughter.