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  1. Isn't the universe funny!? You get yourself to the gym and then it's closed! How annoying. I am sure that was frustrating but I'm glad to see you came up with a plan B for yard work and stretching. There's always tomorrow for the gym! How did sticking to your Whole30 commitment on a holiday go for you? I think eating a lot of similar meals, especially at the beginning of a Whole30, is super common. Survival! Right?! But as I am sure you know from past rounds, boredom will inevitably set in (probably for you and your kiddos)...so when you're meal planning for next week try to throw
  2. Absolutely! And yes, accountability is SO important in staying the course during a Whole30. I've done Whole30s solo and also with the support of a friend and group and holy cow it is so much easier and more enjoyable when you have someone or some way to "check in" each day. I loved reading your commitments for the day, I think planning ahead is really important and valuable (I try to do it each day morning as well just to keep me focused!)...however, you totally beat yourself up about how well you met those commitments when you wrote your update for Wednesday evening! GIRL! Give yourself
  3. Hey Emma! I read your recap of Day One and I just wanted to say congratulations on completing your first day! It sounds like you did exactly what you were supposed to do...you stuck to Whole30 the entire day! That's something to celebrate! Give yourself some grace when it comes to snacking. No one is perfect, and you took the time to reflect on it after the fact. You chose a Whole30 compliant choice over beer or wine, I call that a win! Change is always hard. But you're doing it! I could so relate when you said that you wanted to exercise and planned to go the night before but t
  4. I try to focus on really kicking up my water intake during a Whole30! I fill my big hydroflask every night and stick it in the fridge for the following day...I find that when I have a big bottle of water (with a straw) handy, it's easier to remember to drink and refill throughout the day! I also like adding a drop or two of lemon/lime/grapefruit essential oils (I use the young living vitality line, totally safe to ingest). The little bit of added flavor makes it super refreshing and just more exciting to drink! I always use nutpods Whole30 approved creamer in my coffee/tea! Sooo delicious