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  1. Hey everyone!! I finished my Whole30 on January 26th. For the reintroduction of legumes I made a chili with beans. What I noticed is that shortly after eating, I felt like I got pretty congested for about 45 minutes to an hour. Is this something anyone else has experienced? I know that inflammation can cause that congested feeling, it's just not one I was expecting. Thanks!!
  2. @littleyellowdiary I considered a Whole45 or Whole60 as well. But I decided to start reintroducing foods. First up, legumes! So tonight I made chili with beans. I may still have some peanut butter also. I'm trying to keep this as single-ingredient as possible. @kirbz, I think a whole foods February sounds like a great idea! I am like you, either Whole30 or pizza, pop, and chips. I am looking forward to finding balance. Thank you for joining me during these 30 days!!
  3. We closing in on the end! Saturday is my Day 30. I have my reintroduction planned and I am looking forward to some of those foods! I hope everyone has experienced what they were looking for!! Congratulations on your success! ❤❤
  4. Hello from Day 19! I hope this finds you all well! I am doing well and I think I will cruise through the last 3rd of this round. I'm finding a little food boredom so I'm looking for new recipes to try to bring other flavors to my plate. One of my sons has an all day ski meet on Saturday that we're volunteering at so I will have to pack wisely for the day. Does anyone have good recipes for homemade Italian sausage? I cannot find any locally that does not include added sugar. I don't want to make it into sausage, but to use is tomato sauces and soups. We're on the home stretch!!
  5. @kirbz, I totally understand what you mean about not doing much online because that isn't what life will look like in the "real world". Good for you for doing what you feel will make you the most successful! I will be doing the 10 day reintroduction and documenting it well. I listened to the newest podcast from Melissa Urban today about self-sabotage. It was very enlightening! I also forgot what day I was on and so I was pleasantly surprised to see my calendar tell me it's day 14! I'm also happy to note that I am experiencing less digestive discomfort this time than I did last time.
  6. Hello! Day 12 here. Things are moving right along. I'm running low on breakfast provisions so that will be a priority soon. I have to work this weekend so my shopping and food prep time is drastically reduced. I have a spaghetti squash so I think I'm going to do a buffalo chicken skillet with that to make some leftovers. We're almost halfway there! Has anyone started thinking about reintroduction yet? One of Melissa Urban's podcasts talked about starting to think about reintroduction around day 13 so that you're prepared and can do it successfully. I'm torn between the slow roll introdu
  7. @littleyellowdiary thanks for the recipe and congrats on all the miles!! I'm sure you could do the Kalua Pig in the oven if you did a long roast at a low temp to make it fall apart tender. It is absolutely a wonderful meal!
  8. @kirbz, these sound fantastic! I'm cooking salmon tonight and if I have leftovers, it's going in this!
  9. @littleyellowdiary, I would love to have the recipe for the mayo. I'm on Day 9 here and I feel like some new things are clicking around in my brain in a very good way. The truth of how this way of living (for the most part) will become my new normal is sinking in. I am committed to reintroduction, even though it scares me. And then to living my food freedom. When you make your bubble and squeak, are you forming little patties with all of the ingredients? Or just frying it up like a hash? It sounds like a really great way to use leftovers! Also, what is swede? Your omelette sounds l
  10. Hey everyone! We are closing in on the end of Day 7! I hope everyone is doing well! I feel really good. My mood has stabilized and my energy is up. It's amazing how other aspects of my life get better when I am feeling good and happy. My kitchen, for example, is being kept clean! I'm not a slob, but I'm not ridiculously tidy either and sometimes dishes will sit in my sink for a day or two. But I've been getting the dishwasher loaded and run every night so that it's ready for the next day. My stovetop and counters are wiped down and I walk in in the mornings to make my coffee and it just makes
  11. Hello from a rather wonderful Day 5! @littleyellowdiary I think what you packed sounds great! It's better to be prepared than not and as long as what you packed is within the guidelines, you're doing a great job. I have heard of bubble and squeak but I haven't ever eaten it. How do you make it? I tried a new recipe last night. It was a chicken bacon ranch skillet with brussel sprouts from Beauty and the Benchpress. It was very good and even one of my kids and my husband liked it. Tonight I made sweet potato chicken fajitas from a recipe on Buzzfeed. I just left out the cheese. I also prep
  12. Good morning everyone! @littleyellowdiary I am so happy to have you join us! I too am noticing the food rituals. I think I was most surprised about wanting to stop for a coffee while I was doing my grocery shopping on Friday as well as how mindless I snack while prepping food. Fortunately I was snacking on veggies as I made the veggie tray for Christmas, but it made me think of all of the times I must do that on a regular basis. Christmas at the in-laws went very well. I brought my veggie tray and the on-plan buffalo chicken salad and ate that. I won't lie, I deliberately kind of sat aw
  13. Happy Day 1!! I'm calling today a success! The biggest critique I have for myself today is that I probably won't have enough time between dinner and bedtime. I didn't realize what time it was and got the pork in the instant pot kind of late. But oh my goodness, dinner was soooooooo good! I made the Instant Pot version of Nom Nom Paleo's Kalua Pig recipe. I could eat the pork all by itself but the cabbage and broth really take it to another level. I have Christmas with my in-laws tomorrow. I'm a little nervous because I don't want anyone to be upset that I'm not eating everything. But i a
  14. Tomorrow is the day!!! I'm planning a pretty simple breakfast and then grocery shopping! I already have ingredients for Nom Nom Paleo's Kalua Pig recipe so that is what's for dinner. I also saw a chicken bacon ranch recipe on Instagram today so that will be on my list too. Have you ever made cauliflower rice and then frozen it? I'm thinking about doing that but I don't want it to get all watery and mushy. I'm a little scared this time around but I think it's because I'm coming to the table this time with some deeper intentions. Yes last time I said I wanted to heal my relationship with food bu
  15. Just a few days before go time! How are you all preparing? To be honest, I found myself thinking of all of the foods that will be off limits and I bought several items. Part of the reason that I am doing another Whole30 is that I have a very unhealthy relationship with food. I don't have an eating disorder like anorexia or bulimia, nor do I think of myself as a binge eater. But food is definitely my drug of choice. I eat when I'm sad, I eat when I celebrate, I eat as a reward for doing something good, etc. I recognize that I need to make different choices and reframe my vision of the
  16. Welcome @Jmb369! I'm happy to have you with us! I focused a lot on meal planning last time and found mixed results. I like the recipes in the Whole30 books and I found a lot of good recipes on the Nom Nom Paleo site. The potsticker stir fry is one of my favorites. I think this time around I'm going to focus on prepping breakfasts ahead of time because that is my most challenging meal. I have 2 teenage boys to herd in the mornings so I rarely have time to sit and eat. I think I'm going to try doing bulk batches of things like chicken and cauliflower rice so I can kind of mix and match throughou
  17. @kirbz, are you thinking about doing any specific meal planning? Or do you do better just having compliant ingredients around and winging it?
  18. Hey everyone! I am going to start my second Whole30 on December 27th. I picked this date because it is the beginning of a 6 day vacation from work and I wanted to have a less stressful environment during those difficult first few days. I got super sick during my first Whole30 in July. It wasn't related to the Whole30 at all, but I feel like it really impacted my experience. I also did not do the reintroduction at all. I was very much like, It's Day 31 I need to eat all the things!!! All that really accomplished for me was not feeling good and having a terrible flare up of the eczema on m