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    coachmandiep reacted to Jihanna in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    I agree with this 100%, especially when cooking for more than just yourself.
    Here's how mine works:
    Kroger is typically on the weekend. I order online and schedule pick-up for sometime Friday through Sunday.
    Sprouts (if I'm going) depends on the sales. Wednesday is the best day overall, because their ads start and end on Wednesday (so it overlaps and you get the best price between the two weeks' sales on that one day). They also have $5 sushi on Wednesdays, which makes my husband happy. If there's a great weekend-only sale, it might warrant a weekend trip, too.
    (Aldi and LIDL I don't "write in" on my shopping plan. If I'm going, I'll go based solely on the ad and my overall schedule.)
    My mom stops by a local produce market most days during the week (M-F) also, to see what's in the bargain bin... which means random stuff is making its way home throughout the week.

    Working from that schedule, I make my meal plan run from Sunday to Saturday. I write in the full week's plan for meats and starchy veggies, and through about Tuesday for other produce. Most of that will be purchased at Kroger. Produce for Wednesday-forward is based on Sprouts' sales (or what I get from Aldi or LIDL), or left blank so I can use whatever comes home from the market.
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    coachmandiep got a reaction from Emma in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    I think you will find the menu planning worth the effort.  I do mine for 4 days at a time, (you choose how often you do it based on your schedule), as I base it on when I can grocery shop.  I find that menu planning and then list-making really keeps my grocery bill down.  If I have a list, then I will stick to it.
    As for the camping trip (fun!), Here is a link to an article that may be helpful.  I love doing "foil meals" in this situation as they are easy.  You can use any kind of meat or fish and any vegetable.  I hope it is helpful!
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    coachmandiep reacted to Jihanna in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    I think you've got it, Emma! Even McDonald's food isn't "good" or "bad", it's just options that you can choose to use or pass by... and some of the options might be better or worse for your personal situation, but you're still an adult who will make those decisions based on knowledge gained during this whole process and beyond. Food Freedom is about being able to make those choices. Sometimes my Freedom choice is going for an unhealthy (or less healthy) option because the situation makes it a "worth it" moment, but being able to find that balance and make the choices without judging myself harshly afterward was part of my goal -- another part is making sure "worth it" moments don't happen all the time, since that sort of defeats the purpose. (I want to quickly remind that "worth it" happens after reintroduction, because you have to get to baseline and determine your reactions before you can effectively judge whether or not something is worth you eating it! That can get confusing when talking about it in a during-W30 topic, so I didn't want to make anyone think I'm condoning going off-plan!).
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    coachmandiep reacted to Emma in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    Day Nine. Last night I felt a tickle in my throat and this morning I had major raspy voice (still do) and a touch of a cough. Maybe it's a cold. Maybe it's a food reaction. Maybe it's a cold that took advantage of a food reaction to weasel its way past my immune system sentries. Hopefully it's mild. I didn't go to bed till past midnight because my kid was awake and then the cat woke me at six. I was able to snooze a bit more till I had to go collect the dog from tree where she was barking at a squirrel. It's taken me a while to get officially UP this morning, but I'm here (and I already meditated!!!!!). Heh - As I meditated, I kept noticing people and locations and things in my head that were sneaking in from dreams - kind of like ghosts just sliding through the walls into my meditation. It was kinda funny.
    Goals: Meditate (Done), Practice, Eat Whole30
    For Whole30 today, I'm going to need to do some meal prepping or planning possibly. I'm going to aim to have appropriately timed meals and I'm going to try to be mindful of snacks and if they are needed.
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    coachmandiep reacted to Emma in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    I am doing great. I'm here. I'm not flaking out. I'm trying. I appreciate your positive response because it's easy to get bogged down in all the unknowns and the challenges.  My serving sizes are a little huge. My gut isn't used to so much. I wonder if I have food sensitivities to some of the foods I've been eating. I was a bit surprised that the spinach last night caused so much bloating, though I did eat it raw.  But my gut is doing a pretty terrific job as well handling all the changes so gracefully, but I sure hope the bloated phase is short lived! 
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    coachmandiep got a reaction from Emma in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    I love this!  It is true that we eat for so many reasons other than nourishment.  I think taking the time to reason that out would be very helpful to you.
    It sounds like the meal planning and prepping will be a great help to you this week.  I also like to do my prepping in the morning.  It is so nice to have something available when things get crazy.  Let us know how it goes!
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    coachmandiep got a reaction from Emma in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    Hi Emma!
    I hear you!  I struggled with an all-or-nothing mindset for years and I know how difficult it can be to overcome. In the past, I often found myself to either be on point with healthy food choices and exercise (being good) or not doing either at all (being bad). What I realized is that it was a mindset problem. It didn't matter how hard I "tried"; unless I learned to think outside of the diet mentality box, my behaviors would not change for the long term.
    This is where the Whole30 changed my life. It helped me to stop judging every single action (or lack of it) when it came to eating and working out. It helped me to see that I was no longer a helpless victim whose destiny it was to live in this vicious cycle, but someone who is ultimately in control of my own choices and life.  Does this mean that I NEVER have to worry about falling prey to this kind of thinking again? That depends on my mindset...If I start to fall back into the diet mentality (and the judgements that come with that mindset), then I will most likely do what I have often done in that situation and end up sitting on my duff eating a pint of ice cream. If I think of food as the fuel that is going to help me feel my best, I can move forward, one day at a time, learning to live my best life.  You can as well!
    It sounds like you have some very good reasons for eating well and I love your vision of yourself!  I encourage you to write down your "why" for sticking with your meal plan and post it wherever you will be reminded.  I am also wondering if you meal prep.  I find that I am more likely to stick with my plan for the day if I have taken the time to prepare, making it easier to get a healthy meal on the table.  Finally, make sure you have "emergency" food with you at all times for those days when things get away from you.  I like to carry EPIC bars or Chomps sticks, macadamia nuts, and cut up veggies in my purse just in case.
    You can do this Emma!   You deserve to be healthy and live your best life.  You are a capable woman who knows what she wants, and we are here for you!