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  1. Happy Day 29, all! Oh, gosh. Just two more days to go, ahhh! I'm debating at the moment if I want to make it a Whole42 now and /then/ start reintroduction, just because I have an upcoming trip August 9-12 and I feel like I would be more disciplined if I stick to Whole30 during travel than if I could eat whatever I want/am still working on the reintroduction. It's a business trip so nothing fancy or where I'd want to sample the local cuisine, so I'm not missing out on anything in that sense and would just plan ahead/bring compliant food and snacks. Then, after I get back, start a prop
  2. Happy Day 19, everyone! Hope everyone's hanging in there, we're nearly 2/3rd in! Well, not counting reintroduction, of course. Have a great weekend, all!
  3. Hello all! Happy Day 11 ! Heyas @coachmandiep ! I've never really noticed a headache before from undereating, probably because that hardly ever happens haha! I have, however, gotten slight headaches from hunger (with the accompanying irritation). After adding up the calories consumed on Day 8 I have absolutely been undereating. I finished the day at 1466 calories and that's just simply not enough, especially since I did barre that day. This is counting my pre-workout shake which I forgot to mention. I didn't realize I was undereating, mostly because I feel really satiated af
  4. Hello all! Yay for Week 2! My Days 6-8 have been mostly fine, except for waking up with a dull headache that lasts until after I've had my coffee. Today, however, I'm still having a dull headache and it's past noon/almost lunchtime. I'm thinking it might be due to not eating enough? So today only I'm going to count calories (I know you're not supposed to but I want to see if I'm accidentally eating under 1600 calories and not realizing it) to see if that's the culprit. So far with breakfast alone I'm up to 435 calories (warm lemon water upon waking, 2 cups of black coffee, 2 scram
  5. Hello all! Happy Wednesday! Echoing what @trafficjamdreaming said, hope everyone's having a great Day 3! I've been feeling pretty good myself, save for the insomnia/trouble falling asleep! This happened to me the first time I did Whole30, and the second time I attempted (only got about 13 days in that time) where I have difficulty sleeping the first few days, so I'm not too worried about it because from my experience I know it'll pass in the next day or two, and then I'll be sleeping like a baby. I'm curious, for those of you guys in the US, how do you plan on managing 4th of Jul
  6. Hello all! I, too, have started today. Happy to join the rest of you in this journey! This will be my second Whole30 round, the first one was back in October of last year (pre-holidays!). I learned so much about myself, my habits, and nutrition in general on my first go that I'm excited about what other knowledge comes my way this round. I'm doing a second round for two reasons. While I did keep reasonably healthy eating habits post-Whole30, I didn't do a proper re-introduction, so I'd like the opportunity to be more disciplined about that, even though I honestly didn't notice much