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  1. Hi there, I am wondering if I can have this.... Eden Foods Organic Brown Rice Vinegar Other Ingredients: Organic brown rice water, koji. Acidity: 4.5%
  2. Is THIS good to drink? Saw it at Costco and seem easy and convenient. IngredientsBeef collagen, chicory root, beef, salt, yeast extract, natural flavors, spices. LonoLife creates healthy, Paleo-friendly bone broth soup snacks that are convenient for busy, active, and healthy lifestyles.
  3. Never mind, there is a whole30 stamp there and I missed it. Sorry. Try to delete the post and can’t find a button for me to do it.
  4. I got Yai’s Thai Hot Sauce, and want to double check with your expertise if is good to go? It didn’t really mention what kind of vinegar. Ingredients: Water, Thai Chilis, Garlic, 100% Lime Juice, Vinegar, Shallots, Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt. Thanks
  5. Ohh. Lucky I can’t find edamame in my store. It just look like snap pea to me. Heh
  6. Is “Edamame” and “French Bean” compliant? thanks
  7. Hi there, I came across this brand through the whole30 book. So, I just go all in with this brand, and make my life easier in grocery shopping. I read the label (listed as below), and it seem all good to use in this diet. But then, I came across another post that said one of the product below cannot be used. I am really confused. 1 ) Coconut Aminos : Organic Coconut Tree Sap aged and blended with Sun Dried, Mineral-Rich Sea Salt. 2 ) Raw Coconut Vinegar : Organic Coconut Tree Sap naturally aged for 8 months to one year, 5% acidity 3)
  8. Currently I am using ..Ancient Nutrition Organic Bone Broth Collagen- Pure. It stated the blend is Organic Bone Broth Concentrate, organic ashwagandha extract (root and leaf). Btw, what about this Kirkland Organic Dice Tomato? Ingredients: Organic tomatoes, organic tomato juice, citric acid, sea salt, calcium chloride? Thanks
  9. Hi, Can I use the Ancient Nutrition organic bone broth on everything? Even to use it to substitute on the recipe call for bone broth? I just realized the sesame oil’s ingredient I have has White sesame , and Soybean. Can I still use it? Thanks